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Thank you! This is an excellent idea. Pipe01 thought so too and made a mod for this, and it's basically the coolest thing ever.

I also encourage you to join our discord, people often drop off world or board files there.

Aww thank you â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ it means a lot to me to hear you say that :)

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Aw dammit, you're right, it DOES need unicorns! I guess I'll have to make TUNG 3.

muito obrigado!

Snapping pegs automatically connect to other snapping pegs placed adjacently. This should explain it: https://imgur.com/a/JcL0g

In conjunction with Stack Board, they make large modular builds super fast and easy.

Thank you for the suggestion! For the duration of alpha I'm focusing completely on the digital logic part of the game, but during beta I definitely want to experiment with new things for your circuits to do.

I'm so glad you can play now!

I love this game! Seriously this is a kind of game that I’ve been looking for.

You have no idea how much it means to me to read that. Seriously. Just made my heart melt :')

Hope you enjoy :)

Well, I think I've finally solved the Mac issues and I intend to launch the Mac version with update 0.2. Please send me an email - jimmycushnie@gmail.com - so I can verify with you that it's working.

In fact, there are three new things you've never seen before in that picture :)

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* updated version number to 0.2 (was previously 0.1.5)

I'll be releasing the full changelog twenty four hours before the update goes live. Until then, you'll just have to play I Spy with the picture above :)

Cheers :)

I decided a long time ago to prioritize my own vision for my games over any amount of money I could make.

So happy you enjoyed it! I'll definitely ping you when the full version is out :)

Personally I like that there is no explicit tutorial that tells you exactly how each component works; you have to do some experiments and figure it out on your own. With TUNG I want to recreate the feeling I got when I was first learning redstone, where you're figuring things out for yourself and learning as you go.

As for circuit outputs that interact with the world, I don't know. These things work well in minecraft and other sandbox games because there's an existing world to interact with, but TUNG's world does not exist in its own right. Its sole purpose is to be a location for the circuits you're building. For the duration of alpha, at least, the focus will be purely on the digital circuitry aspect, but after that anything could happen. You could probably make mods for all those things right now though: the fantastically talented pipe01 has built a modding framework for TUNG.

Ah, I did not know that! Thank you, yes, I will use VMs to ensure Mac is working for the next version. Glad you got the game working anyways, hope you have fun :)

Thank you! I'm so happy you like it :D

Replied to Arhi in gaki jam comments

Definitely! Thanks for the feedback. I had a lot of interesting ideas for level design that I just didn't have time to add, I'm really looking forwards to making the post-jam version :)

Replied to Gamible in gaki comments

Thank you! We do want to make a full fledged version of gaki, and I'll for sure be giving the controls a lot of polish. Thanks for the detailed feedback, I'm so pleased you like the game :)

This was a fun little game! I quite like the minimalist design. Controls feel a little bit floaty, and I wish I had a little more fine control over the character.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out!! I'll be working on this game some more post-jam, adding some more levels, enemy types and functionality.

Programming: Jimmy Cushnie (me)

Art: Brooke Morgan

Music: Lauren X. Pham

Sound Design: Emmanuel Lagumbay

I would definitely like to have board resizing in the future

scope extremely small

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Fantastic! I just made a discord for us. Unfortunately itch doesn't have private messages, so please email me - jimmycushnie at gmail - and I'll send an invite to you.

Hey there! If you're still looking for a team, my girlfriend and I would love to have you. We've been listening to your soundcloud and we're very impressed!

I'm a programmer and she's a 2D artist. We've previously made SkyMaze and Katie Kills Zombies (excluding the writing)  together. Additionally, we were both team members on Hero Human Man-Pirate, and I'm the creator of The Ultimate Nerd Game.

I hope we can work together!

Thank you! I'll contact you when it's time.

I'll see what I can do for the next version. I'm really sorry it's not working for you. I've had a few mac users report that. I have very limited access to macs, and the only one I've tested the game on works fine.

Would you be willing to help me test mac builds of the game at some point in the future?

Alright, thank you for clarifying.

It used to say it started on Friday, now it says it starts on Thursday. Also, if it still ends on Sunday, this makes it a 72 hour jam rather than a 48 hour one. What happened?

Thank you :) I will never stop making games.

Ah, cheers! A lot of people have said they didn't know about the demo world, I should make it clearer that it exists...

Created a new topic Excited!
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My girlfriend and I are very excited to take part in this. It'll be the first non-LD jam we do together :D

Thank you! The omission of a tutorial is an intentional design choice. When I was first learning redstone (the inspiration for this game), I got such a sense of wonder out of experimenting with all the bits and figuring out how they worked. I want that same feeling captured in TUNG, and I'm concerned that a tutorial in the traditional sense would take away from that.

That said I really appreciate the feedback. Before the release of the full game I will definitely look into a firmer tutorial than the demo world I have now, but I will be very careful in doing so.

I'm so happy you enjoy the game :)


They let a signal travel in only one direction. Regular pegs/wires let signals travel both ways.

Out on mac. Hope you enjoy the game :)

Out on mac, linux hopefully coming soon!

I'm so happy you enjoy it :)

Stay tuned. There are many more updates coming.

Thank you for the kind words :) Let me know how it goes.

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Reading this made me melt. The whole time while making TUNG I felt so alone in my love for it because nobody I know IRL is into this stuff. That this is your favorite game is indescribably meaningful. I want to cry.

Please give me commenting privileges on your google doc (jimmycushnie@gmail.com) and I'll respond to all the suggestions. I don't have time tonight, but I'm excited to play with your save file tomorrow!