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it now generates sprite sheets

ZomBie Animator Studio by iamnumber4 (

just updated, now you can move joints at will

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I wanted to help game devs create artwork with as little effort as possible, so I made a tool to animate body parts into positions then export to PNGs

i must be out of this world, so good rated

i have rated your game

I have rated your very interesting game

i have tiked your game

:) rated

great, just rated

thx for the gremlin golbins, just rated your game

slithery good, just rated

nice and unusual, just rated your game

hey hav a gud day, rated your great game

this is great feedback im getting im very lucky to see this! people are getting interested to make videoes and feature on websites.

watch this youtube video, it shows someone made the boardgame from my idea 

its also featured on warpdoor

the app and desktop publishing version

BattleBoard by iibbrr (