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Again thank you so much for the help!

I will definitely play the prologue!

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My email is 

The 8/8 showed up in both steam and the game.  

I have read some of the other comments here so I know that i need some other items for the endings. Could you tell me about the items I need if I give you my email?

 I got the game on steam and I have never downloaded any version of it before this. I hope this helps. :)

I think I need help.

(maybe spoilers?)

So I found this game yesterday and I absolutely love it, but now I'm stuck I can't get the True ending or the ending where Beracus dies. Can someone help me? I really love this game and I want to play it with out missing anything.

Also I think I found a glitch. 

After beating  the game and getting the normal ending, it told me I had gotten all 8 endings even though I had only gotten The endings where Lee dies, the normal ending and the Who? ending. ( btw This is also how I found out about the other two endings that I haven't gotten. )