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A member registered May 08, 2017

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The defend command is actually useful against a few of the enemies that charge up before doing a heavy hitting attack but thats about it. Seriously though something has to be done about grabs, I can forgive lamia-chan because she just wants a hug but that ice bitch takes it too far by constantly tearing my clothes off and throwing those heavy hitting shards. I don't know which area is lacking a save foutain but I hope its not in the same area were the "you sense a evil presence" door is because I lost all my progress trying to find it.

I was going to make a better more detailed comment but for some reason the text box kept fucking up and adding letters to the very top instead of were they are suppose to go (how does that even fucking happen?)

I'm going get straight to the point. I got this game a long time ago and have v2 along with the new v4. I have no idea what v3 is like. v2 was a very simple and addicting game, the system was well balanced and everything worked out fine. v4 added a lot of new things a lot of nice details but it also added a lot of bad things and fucked the fragile balanced of the game.

Things that aren't fun


These grabs happen way too frequently, do too much damage, the arrow tap shit is a bad mechanic carried over from other porn games and it has no place in a turn-based dungeon crawler, they also destroy your clothes, which means you can't use weapons or your fucking stances.

Grabs shouldn't rely on that stupid key tap shit but if you are going to keep it then at least make it so it raises lp instead of taking massive chunks of my hp in mere seconds. The game loses its comfy factor because of this awful mechanic.

2.The removal of Manual saves

why? It's hard to keep track of were all the fountains are because everything looks the damn same and enemies pop up so frequently that you are likely to die on your way there because v4 is an rng fuck-fest. Forcing players to have to save at a specific location and not allowing them to manually save when the save points are so far away in a slow turn-based game, It just doesn't fit. I don't know why so many developers fall for this trap.

3.Cluttered hud

This isn't really that big of a deal but its the 1st thing I noticed when I tryed the new version.

Last question is: what is the point of the defend option? I hardly find any reason to use it because it takes so much lp and its mostly bested by the defense stance (as long as you haven't recently been fucked that is)

That's the end of my rant, I hope you make use of some of this criticism and make v5 better.