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Thanks for playing, plenty of helpful insight. Many adjustments are planned for the next demo.

Yeah, I still need to tweak the physics so it feels tighter. Sorry about that, it was a last minute demo day addition, but I hope you had fun with it.

I'll put space as a jump input, though it might feel awkward to attack. Don't worry about everything else, it's temporary. The lighting is a halfassed solution because the actual lighting system in Godot is super unoptimized, and the coins were just put in as an objective for demo players. You'll mostly be fighting enemies and bosses in the real game.

Guess it only works on latest Firefox. You can use the benches and the aerial attack to give yourself a little boost onto the brick walls or other walljumpable areas.

Thanks for playing. Subtle tutorialization will definitely be there in the full release, as current level design is temporary.

Currently deciding whether or not that's a good thing. You shouldn't be able to walljump on them like you can now though lol

Glad you liked it!

The minimap is just a viewport of the game zoomed out much further. Had to try a few solutions to get the rhythm really working, but setting positions based on OS time seemed to work the best (you can look at the source code, though it's very messy). Didn't use anything other than the built in Godot scripting.

Thanks for playing!

You can actually fly over the boss and shoot from the other side - quite necessary for the no-hit run :)


Thanks for playing!

It's just 1 guy, actually. I like to publish under Hypersnow when publishing games. Thanks!

I'll see if I can export and test the other builds somehow.

Controls - You should be able to move in all directions when firing in ship mode. I also tested this on my laptop, so I believe the problem is keyboard ghosting. In a future update, I'm planning to add a toggle between firing in movement direction and also control changing to alleviate the problems. I'll take your word for the fullscreen tip too.

Thanks for the advice!

Thanks, glad to hear you had fun!

I'd make other builds, but I don't have Mac or Linux machines and HTML5 builds give an error...

If you have Godot, you can build it from source, though!

Thanks! May I ask what balancing specifically?

I'll definitely make it an option if I ever make a post-jam build!

I also did try HTML5 export, but I think it's pretty buggy at the moment - couldn't get it to even start without errors.

Long, long time since my last post! Had to work on another project for a few months but now I can dedicate my time into finishing this one.

Shops are in every major area in the game. Their contents will likely change as you progress through the game, and they're very useful for buying spare mod ingredients.

Hopefully there won't be any more hiatuses, so expect more frequent updates!

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Project Moment is my current game project that revolves around time. (Haven't thought of a good title yet.)


As someone given a limited power to manipulate time, you journey through many foreign lands, meet interesting new people, and create and use weapon mods.

Battles are unique - each turn you are given a short amount of seconds to act however you like: attack, heal, set up traps or blockades, etc. Time is also your health - the less you get hit, the longer you can act. Enemies will generally have less time to act, but the same concept applies.

Weapon mods are made of materials or elements. For example, two ice elements will create a Freeze mod that does 10 damage and requires little time to charge.

Mods may also be combined to create new ones. Three Freeze mods will make Triple Freeze, each shard dealing 15 damage. In the real scheme of things, combined mods won't be this blunt - but you get the idea.

If you want to follow progress you can check out my Twitter. I also post on /r/gamedev as hypersnow_dev.