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Thanks :D

Wish I could fund you guys on Patreon :P

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I would like to say this looks amazing. I would like to see this when it is done, although I can't buy anything online so probably not going to ;-;

You can find another game I made for the 1-Bit Clicker jam here. I would appreciate if you visited it since it isn't getting much attention :c

This is cool.

(P.S. I think you mean 'genre' in the description)

By the way, if anyone sees this, do you think the raiders appear too infrequently? If you haven't seen one in like 5 minutes that's probably a yes ;P

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Yeah :P I didn't feel like encrypting it or anything cause I already had enough trouble coding it although it'd be pretty simple, lol.

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Thanks! I actually didn't use an engine :P I coded this all from scratch in JavaScript and I used the howler.js library for playing audio.

Oh nvm I found it. Thanks for telling me.

Created a new topic Are you using an engine?

If so, I'd like to know what it is :P

Which one?


There should be a tutorial at the start :P

Maybe the other games made by Nami?

Just saying, to a developer, an unreproduceable bug usually isn't worth trying to fix.