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This isn't a clicker game nor does it follow all the rules(only allowed to use the mouse!), but nevertheless this was a good game.

One thing I would like you to know about is sometimes you can see an asteroid but you can't target it(probably since the asteroid's center is outside of the zone presumably since it usually only happens with big ones with more radius) so I think you should widen the field a little bit.

I saw your comment on my submission so I thought it was only fair that I'd leave on for you. By the way, I'm looking into that skyrocketing bits, and as for the G being a B, I got a bit lazy with the alphabet pixel art and copy-pasted B 24 times after I made 0-9, A, and B. Thanks for telling me.

Anyways, this was really well done. The soundtrack really fits and I really liked the gameplay, it was very captivating :D

The only complaint I have is the painfully slow scrollbar in the store :P

BTW, 1 byte is 8-bit. I think you should edit your description :p

Was this a joke game? lol

Thanks :D

Wish I could fund you guys on Patreon :P

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I would like to say this looks amazing. I would like to see this when it is done, although I can't buy anything online so probably not going to ;-;

You can find another game I made for the 1-Bit Clicker jam here. I would appreciate if you visited it since it isn't getting much attention :c

This is cool.

(P.S. I think you mean 'genre' in the description)

By the way, if anyone sees this, do you think the raiders appear too infrequently? If you haven't seen one in like 5 minutes that's probably a yes ;P

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Yeah :P I didn't feel like encrypting it or anything cause I already had enough trouble coding it although it'd be pretty simple, lol.

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Thanks! I actually didn't use an engine :P I coded this all from scratch in JavaScript and I used the howler.js library for playing audio.

Oh nvm I found it. Thanks for telling me.

Created a new topic Are you using an engine?

If so, I'd like to know what it is :P

Which one?


There should be a tutorial at the start :P

Maybe the other games made by Nami?

Just saying, to a developer, an unreproduceable bug usually isn't worth trying to fix.