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I managed to get money during the 10$ bundle :D

Maybe you're trying to use YYC without Windows SDK



Hey everyone there will be a free temporary copy of GMS2 Desktop!! :D

But you're on the server already

I think if noone is living from current team then... no...
We have already 4 people(including me)
That would be great if you would be able to join but im not sure about it...

How skilled are you? ;)

Hey join our discord ;)

Man, im not so good at animation, but i will try... ;)
I think im better on code, but nothing advanced.

Yeah, so you know my email, hypergamesdev@gmail,com
I have Discord; HyperGamesDev
I created channel:

Cool! So 4 mans team

I think Discord is a good idea! :D

No, but i have plans for unique mix of mining/roguelike RPG game ;)

Hey, you can check out my "art" in my first game ever made:

Thanks :D
You can see my "art" in my first game ever made:

Im young indie game developer from Poland
Im also working on GMS1.4, not any advanced skills
I also do pixelart but it's REALLY bad compared to any pixelart game or art ;)
Maybe we can work together :D

For program I recommend Piskel or Aseprite ;)

Im young indie developer from Poland.
Im also using GMS1.4
You're pixel art look great, im also doing pixel art but it's REALLY bad compared to any pixelart game or art man ;)
Maybe we will work together? :D

Im also working on GMS1.4
I never participated in a game jame but:
1. No, im pretty sure you have to make your own code completly
2. You can only import the BASE so like you're movement engine, effects, things not specific to certain games
3. Im doing pixel art but it's REALLY bad compared to any games like Duelyst man ;)

I wanted to make my chrsitmas game to be made for the game jam but i need more time so im out ;)

Thanks :D

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Thanks :D

Thanks :)

Yeah game is not yet made... There are only text, no screenshots

Rampage! is: 2D Top-Down Shooter, where you have to defend yourself and The Light Orb (that allow you to respawn)