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Can you show me how to code something like this? I want to make something similar, but based on the Stickmen from Alan Becker's animations.

Really cool textures, but how do I actually play the game? (I'm on Windows, if that affects anything.)

This is called "Kirby Can Jump and Move Through Things". Can he really?

Use two fingers on the touchpad, on the LEFT SIDE, and you can scroll.

@Copper Aardvark Games   Could you please please PLEASE add an autosave feature? I keep doing like two hours worth of work, then the game crashes and I lose everything.

I don't got Logitech, I got Redragon (model number #M601-3 CENTROPHORUS)

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The game is simple to control with the cursor keys, in addition to using the mouse control to attack with the friendly star of Kirby. Ideal for playing with our parents the youngest ones for cooperative keyboard and mouse handling. I hope you distribute the game and that you subscribe to my YouTube channel and give LIKE. Thanks for playing. Thanks for playing!


- Known character Kirby
- Simple control of the character and cooperative
- Music and known effects
- Does not require installation (portable)

Install instructions
No need installation, portable game. Unzip .RAR file and follow instructions from the file "Readme.txt". For Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 systems.


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Who does not know Kirby, the famous friendly and nice character created by Nintendo for their consoles. I wanted to make a mini-game in the style platforms of this character for PCs with Operating Systems from Windows XP (SP3).

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Kirby's story of this game, is one more adventure where Kirby lives who is in Dream Land, where he has to help his friend Waddle Dee who has been bewitched by Rey Dedede. Kirby has to make his way through several levels and with some typical enemies, through the magical doors to reach the next level. The game is adapted a little to my liking, with the help of my daughter Erika for the little ones. Dedicated to my other 2 daughters Ana and Teresa of 18 months

How do I play the damn  game???

There are no enemies or rupees, and your exploration is very, very limited.


Yo, where the hell you get the mouse? I want to go on an ACTUAL RAMPAGE, just like Failboat did.

Never mind about the passing World 1-1, BUT THERE ISN'T EVEN A WORLD 1-2!!! AT LEAST FIX THE SOUNDS!

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I thought this would be awesome, playing an original Kirby game, but it sucks big time. The controls are decent ( I'll give you that...), but you can't even get past world 1-1. 

AK-47 is my favorite gunImage result for ak 47

Not really, with the AK-47. Then, it's really easy to clear. It's the boss fight that's a pain.

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It works with Windows 7 up until Kirby Kong Country. It plays the music, you can see the enemies and shop doors, but all the platforms disappear.

Makes it a total pain in the ass to complete.

You need to go to your downloads page in your documents app in the Windows Home Menu, go to the downloads page at the top, and select 'Kirby's Rampage.exe'. Minimize your Google search page if it's open, and drag the 'Kirby's Rampage.exe' file onto your desktop, and play it when it's done transferring.