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Thanks for the kind words!

The art looks great and the game is super wholesome!

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I really like the concept and I can imagine this works just as well with two players as it does with only one. The physics are a bit floaty and the collision seemed a bit inconsistent though. 

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I really liked this, and I think you could expand on this for a non-gamejam version. The visuals are really clean and pretty but it could do with some music or ambience to help it feel less empty. Also a quit button would be good, not that there's anything wrong with good'ol alt + f4. 

Glad you liked the art, I was afraid I over prioritized it.


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I might have gone a bit overboard with the shake when you get hit, the shake, zoom etc was a last minute addition so I never had the proper time to adjust it. Thanks for the comment :)

I like the concept and it controls pretty well but the game needs show you the power levels in game, or to the very least use more memorable values and the game could use some checkpoints as well. Quality of life stuff aside, I think you got a pretty good game on your hands.

It's really nice. The sprite art looks really nice and the core concept is pretty good. The physics are a little too floaty and I wish there was an easier way to restart the level.

Really well put together with a great concept to boot! I really like how you encounter enemies which demonstrate how the different abilities works before you get to use them. The only thing holding this game away from greatness is the controls, they're a bit awkwardly mapped and I wish you could scroll through the ability wheel using the movement keys instead of z. You have made a great game with even greater potential and I'd love to see this get expanded on!

The world could always use more stealth-puzzle games, especially ones with cool twists on the formula. It doesn't adhere to the theme that well and I think the enemies could use a cone-of-vision or some other indicator to better show the player when they can and can't be spotted. I ran into the occasional issue where the clone wouldn't spawn when I clicked and sometimes when I tried to switch places the clone jumped to my location I wouldn't switch to theirs. Unfortunate bugs aside, this game was pretty fun.

Fantastic job! The main mechanic is pretty neat although I wish the tiles would disappear faster and maybe the game could wait until you press a button until it does so. It's super polished and I certainly didn't expect this many levels in a gamejam game,  especially ones with collectible bonuses. The puzzles are pretty varied and well put together too.

Feedback is crucial and not only can I not get enough of it, I also think that everybody deserves to hear what their game gets right and wrong to help them improve and to show of the game they put so much effort into.

You can find my game here:

Post your game in the comments and I'll play it and give you some feedback as soon as I can!

Oh yeah, that makes sense. Honestly I didn't put much thought into the light beyond my previous reply :P

Thanks for the kind words! I might make a non game jam version so any ideas on where to expand are always greatly appreciated. 

John Brick is a way better pun than Brick Slayer by the way, so you certainly have that going for you :)

Updated one of the screenshots with the controls. That should hopefully reduce some of the confusion.

Differentiating between the enemies who are spawning and the ones who are already in the game sounds like a good idea, I'll add that to the list of changes to the non gamejam version of the game.

Doesn't shadows get bigger when the object which is casting them is closer to the light source?  Kinda like this(sorry for my crappy msPaint skills).

Although the shadow should be more transparent when the enemy is higher up.

Cool game, can't say I've played anything quite like it.

The amount of clicking you have to do is a bit much though, my finger started to get pretty tired after a while. Maybe some sections where you can just hold down the mouse button could solved this.

I like the theme and the minimalist presentation, great work!

I'm glad you like it!

I added the piercing throw last minute to help players deal with large groups of the follower guys but realize now that I never actually put the controls for that anywhere on the submission page... or is that still a problem even with the piercing throw?

As for the hitboxes, maybe I should've placed them around the drop shadows rather than the enemy's sprite. But even then, I'm fairly certain they're a little misaligned too :p

Thanks for the feedback!

Well done! It's really hectic and fun, reminds me a bit of super smash TV. Just wish the difficulty would progress a little faster, I died on the 10th wave but it didn't feel that much more difficult then the 9th or 8th wave. The weapons are pretty fun and the enemies are varied enough.

Great game! It reminds me a lot of the melee combat in hotline miami, just wish the sword swing had longer reach and the sword throw wasn't so easy to spam.  Are you supposed to be able to throw the sword through doors or is that an oversight? 

Love it! It looks great, it plays great and it feels super juicy.

Its a great concept but I felt a little lost at times. For instance, some buttons do different things but look the same.  Well done overall.

The controls are a little too floaty for my taste but the yarn ball teleport mechanic is super slick! I don't think it fits the theme very well though since the game isn't really on one single screen, even if the transitions between the different screens are seamless. However, the atmosphere is really nice and relaxing so I think a lot of jammers will appreciate it for that, myself included. Great job!

Thanks a lot! I wrote some basic physics that all of the movement in the game is based on to make it feel like you, and the stuff around you, really is floating around in space. Those physics are partly to blame for the tricky controls, but I think the game is better because of them. Anyways, glad you liked it.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

oops missed that. I don't have controller at hand right now, but I might play it later if I do.

Hey, the game looks really cool but I have no idea how to play it. What are the controls? I think I've pressed every key on my keyboard and nothing seems to happen.

Cool idea, nice art and nice atmosphere. Sadly I got stuck in respawn loop where the game would constantly respawn me over a pit. But overall great effort.

Just realised I forgot to add the controls screen.

Turn left = 'a'
Turn right = 'd'
Accelerate = 'w'
Fire = 'space'
Fullscreen = 'f'

Dammit, been working on a similar thing for 25 hours now... and mine doesn't quite fit the theme as well  as yours seeing how you're only using two buttons while I'm here using four.