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Thanks a lot! I wrote some basic physics that all of the movement in the game is based on to make it feel like you, and the stuff around you, really is floating around in space. Those physics are partly to blame for the tricky controls, but I think the game is better because of them. Anyways, glad you liked it.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

oops missed that. I don't have controller at hand right now, but I might play it later if I do.

Hey, the game looks really cool but I have no idea how to play it. What are the controls? I think I've pressed every key on my keyboard and nothing seems to happen.

Cool idea, nice art and nice atmosphere. Sadly I got stuck in respawn loop where the game would constantly respawn me over a pit. But overall great effort.

Just realised I forgot to add the controls screen.

Turn left = 'a'
Turn right = 'd'
Accelerate = 'w'
Fire = 'space'
Fullscreen = 'f'

Dammit, been working on a similar thing for 25 hours now... and mine doesn't quite fit the theme as well  as yours seeing how you're only using two buttons while I'm here using four.