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Happy Halloween everybody!

We have uploaded a new version of the game with some improvents on this subject.

Hi there!

Some of the users are experiencing issues moving the player. We are working on it and we expect to upload a new version fixing it soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

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We are having some issues with one of the shaders on Mac but we are working on it!  ; )

Hi there!

We are testing the game on Mac and Linux. Hopefully we will have a couple of new uploads with this two versions soon!

There is a new version uploaded, as we promised!

Hi everyone!

After some feedback we have received from some players, we are thinking on simplifying the "Start Game" menu page.

We are going to split the "Start Game" menu into two pages: team selector and game settings. We believe it will be more intuitive for every player and the way we interact with the team selector will be much more simple than what it is right now.

We will upload the new version asap and we'll post a development log entry for it.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Goonslingers is a casual local multiplayer shooter for PC.

The videogame allows up to 8 players divided between up to 4 teams.

The released version is a demo that contains the core gameplay of the videogame. It comes with one map and one game mode (TD, Team Deathmatch).

It's meant to be a party-game so let's meet some friends and have fun!

Hello everyone!

Just creating this thread as the place to go for now to leave any suggestions about the game.

Any feedback it's more than welcome!

There are many things left undone or disabled as we are considering them part of the full game, not the demo. However, we may have made some of these assumptions wrongly, so don't hesitate to add anything about the game to your feedback if it feels important to you!

We hope you enjoy the game and thanks for playing!