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Thank you very much for your reply!

But can I ask you again if I understand correctly?

I understand that we use "nwjs-v0.49.1-win-x64" when we release it. Can I use this to test with developer account on Steam before release?

And the problem with the nw.js version is the version of nw.js used in the RPG MAKER MZ? Not "nwjs-v0.49.1-wjn-x64" right?

Then where should I download the 0.49.1 version of nw.js? And put it in which folder? I'm sorry to ask you again.

And could you tell me how to support you? I would like to express my appreciation for using this plugin once this issue is resolved. Do you mind if I make a little donation to this post?

Thank you a lot! :D

Hello, thank you for creating a useful plugin. I have a question about this because an error occurred while using it.

There was no response when I used the [Check the Installed Downloadable Content] command to test the DLC in the upcoming game.

The following error occurs when using the [Install Downloadable Content] command.


TypeError: Bad arguments"

I typed DLC AppID correctly, and other features like Achievement work well, but what mistake did I make?

Does the game that's still coming out not recognize the DLC that's coming out?

Or should I use 'nwjs-SDK-v0.49.1-win-x64'?

You told me to use 'nwjs-SDK-v0.49.1-win-x64' when testing, but did I have to use this before the official release?

It would be very helpful if you could also write a detailed explanation of how to check and install DLC and a screenshot on the homepage.

Thank you again.

I'll check. TY for answer :D

If the font size is set to 22 or less, the font does not come out correctly and looks slightly distorted. Do you happen to know any plugin that improve this? Or can you make it?

I have a hard time making a game with a small and pretty aesthetics because of this. If you can solve this, I can wait as long as I want. Of course, I'll buy it.

bug fix and NEW COMMAND! You are the best. xD

oh, can you fix it? thank you! :D

Thank you for your answer, but I'm also an experienced RPG Maker. Of course, I thought I would lose one if I typed '-1', but when I actually tried it, I didn't. It's supposed to be normal. I've already completed the event in a passive way, but I'll try again if I have another chance to use it. Thank you.

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Hello! QoL Plugin 1 and 2 are very useful. I would like you to provide more QoL Plugins, but it's okay right now. Rather, I have a question about the 'Change Item' function. I can get an item, but I don't know how to lose it. How do I set the parameters to lose the item? Thank you!

Thank you both! And there's something I want to tell you. I have a plan to buy all the amazing plugins you made.

I need another plugin similar to your Gold Icon Plugin. I need "Anywhere Variable Plugin".

Plugin that allows you to use variables (\v[n]) in the names of actors, items, weapons, and armor.

Can you make it for me? I can even pay $15 if you make it for me. Thx u :D

Hello! Which of your plug-ins should I use to walk naturally without matching the square grid as shown in the video? Thank you and Happy New Year! XD

Hello! Thank you for always creating amazing assets.

I previously purchased the "Every single product made! Animations & Plugins" bundle. And I checked later and found that a new asset was added to the bundle. But I didn't have access to the assets that were added afterwards except to pay the same amount again.

Can I get a new access key? '' This is my email.

Thank you for reading it :)

The same problem occurs not only in Naver mail where my account is connected but also in Google mail.
The phrase below is common. Is there any solution or other means of contact?

552 5.1.1 <> Mailbox delivery failure policy error

Thanks for your email. I'm looking forward to the next asset. Have a nice day! XD

Thank you so much! You surprise me every time. In the future, I can buy it with confidence even in this case. I will continue to purchase your Asset. You deserve it. Thanks again :D

Your work always surprises me and makes my heart beat. So I bought a megabundle a few hours ago, but within a short period of time, this set was added and the discount time was extended. As a user of East Asia, I am currently worried about the high dollar exchange rate. If this asset is included in the mega bundle and there is no price increase, can I get an access key?