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This is the cutest thing. Period. It ticks so many great boxes - relatable socially stilted/robot character, over the top campiness, genre/archetype subversion, and fantastic presentation and UI design. I also love the added bit of comedy where the names change as the android gets more info (Ey yo Jolene made me laugh out loud. Honestly, Angelo is just such a fun character all around.). I'm super hyped for any future updates you have planned!!! Thank you for sharing the game!

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are you allowed to lie in the title of your game like that??? because this was hilarious and literally the best possible use of the last 5 hours of my life ever. literally every character was so likable and funny (even thugs a and b killed me, and the 'i must maintain my one hand in jacket pocket and one hand in pants pocket pose' joke was perfect) and the cursor is a fist!?!? amazing!! also i want jikkanji to be my new dad please. 

literally the only semi-negative thing i can say is that most of the characters were really similar looking and it got a biiit confusing. like i was pretty sure there was going to be a plot twist that gesshin and etsuji were going to be like...estranged twin brothers or something, but needless to say, that didn't happen.

anyways, in summary, you're a fantastic writer (if i start getting into specific scenes and jokes that i loved, this comment will never end) and i would kill and die to see more from you; thank you for this gift!!

I felt that beyond the art, there really wasn't a lot to this game. Aside from the setting of the game being built seemingly completely on ignorant colonialist stereotypes, the game's quality suffered heavily from the writing. The characters have the personalities of a bunch of chewed-up rice crackers. 

For example, you know the male slave (I don't even remember his name; that's how little of an impact was made on me) is smart because the writers *outright say* he's smart. And because he knows what a trout is, I guess, but...what?? And the slaves are so bizarrely okay with being slaves. You don't get to see any emotional development beyond what is heavy-handedly narrated at you. No coping with being *owned,* no tangible shared moments between the characters, nothing. All there is is the characters saying things like "I've never felt so close to someone before," with no buildup or anything. The attachment the characters claim to feel to each other is completely unearned. It was infuriating to slog through what felt like the same 3 lines of dialogue for hours to get the various endings. I think the people at Cyanide Tea have potential, especially in the visual/design area, but I would not recommend this one.