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Congratz for the first game. Well done. I am impress that you actually could do it. :)


Thx, Josh for the early review. Always appreciate your review :)

Hi, you should submit the game to Weekly game jam 92 on too :)

Remember to submit the game to Weekly game jam week 92 on too :)

Thx. The multiple doors were there so you couldn't get all the rings if you enter a door too early. I kinda were mix if too make it as a puzzle game. Where you have to get all the rings to proceed. But they are there now to signal kinda multiple choices in life.

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Thank you for the recent comments. I appreciate it. For GDWC. I may consider it :)

Its a good idea to reposion in reverse order. Start with the bottom row with number 31 first. The idea is to build rows and rows of numbers to the top.

Try difficulty level 1. The game is a sliding game. Reposition the boys and girls to the respective numbers. Some obstacles comes when the characters comes in love. Then they move around to irritate you. You can stop this by reposition the character to its numbers. Two adjacent couples in love remove the in love spells too. This is good for going.