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They posted the time on their Twitter recently. Here you go:

"...(7am Mountain Time/6am Pacific Time/9am Eastern Time)"

Hey, I like your game. The combination of your art style and the slice of life genre really brings your VN together. I find it kinda soothing in a way? It's a nice feeling like relaxing in your bed while sipping on hot cocoa (if that makes sense).

And your characters are v cute, escpecially Haru & Ryu, and I think you write character dynamics well. I also like the small tidbits about your side characters and I find myself wishing I could get to know some of them more... coughstudentcouncilvpcough

So yeah. Thank you for the experience!

Hi again, I've finished the art. Sorry that it took me so long, here's the link:

On another note, I love the update. Thank you so much for your hard work and Happy New Year! ^^

Hi! So your game has been sitting in my to-play list for a while and recently I got around to playing it and I'm glad I did! What stood out to me at first were the backgrounds and the music, it helped to pull me into the setting. Then when the character introductions came rolling in, I was hit with the feels. I felt they were each compelling in their own way (a rare treat nowadays) and I loved how involved they were in the story! 

Hasiel and Maskeguy stole my heart :')

And one last thing. I'm drawing fanart rn and I'm wondering if Maskeguy is left-handed or right? Or are they ambidextrous? This is very important, pls I want to get it right!

Very descriptive

H, I'm late to this topic but I'm wondering how long it will take for someone to reach me back? I wasn't paying attention and made a mistake buying a game I didn't want. I sent an email already btw.