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wow, beautiful game.. nice effects and the turn based battle part is unique.. the story is simple but very good.. and how you present the verses and how you used the armor of God in the game. very nice.. :D

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Hello, thank you for playing the game and sorry for late reply. I will take a look at the desert map and try to fix it.. :)
Sure, I will download your game right now.

edit: It's a brower game, so I can't download. hehe but I will play it.

It's okay now :)

hello, I can't download..

Hello brother, I just downloaded your game and looking forward to play. Hope you also try these games I've developed. God bless! :))

always welcome :)

Wow! Thank you for playing the game and livestream it and for that wonderful thoughts. I didn't expect it. I hope you will try the other game and upcoming games. :) God bless! 

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hello, for now no linux, i don't know how to make linux copy. But I'll try to study how. :)

welcome :) looking forward to play your game.

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I can't download here. So I download it in your website.. There is a server problem. The download is not finished. :(

Wow. Yes, sure I will.. :D

Hello, thank you :) it's okay.  Maybe there's a problem with paypal or itch.

Do you have any assets for RPG Maker MV?