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Ah, Thank you so much!❤️
Also Undertale made me feel that so hard! We're killing "monsters" but they just live there, we're coming over and wrecking their stuff 😭

First of all, thank you for your patience with my reply.
I just want to express to you how grateful I am for your absolutely wonderful feedback.  Reading you kind word makes me swell with pride!
Also, before your reply I was unsure if there would be others who liked themes that are more nurturing/kind themes. Reading that the theme specifically is something you like makes me so glad. It makes me feel like it's a theme I can keep exploring, even if we would be just very few people who would enjoy it. Thank you for this!

And I absolutely see what you say with some materials (like wood for pajamas) not really being logical. I take this with me, and will incorporate your feedback in my future projects!

You are wonderful, and I hope your week is great!
Best regards


Thank you so much for being patient with reply. I am so honored that you played my game. And your kind words hit me straight in the chest, Thank you!

I 100 % agree with you that it feels a little sneaky/cheap to put in the option to not take the babies, but not really have it as an option. I take what you say with me, and will use your feedback in my projects in the future for sure.

I hope you have a wonderful day! :)
Warmest regards,

I'm so honored that you played my game! Tack så himla mycket, dina ord betyder verkligen mycket för mig!

Oh my goodness Calamity!
Thank you for being so patient with my reply.
I am just so, so moved. I cannot believe you not only played my game, but made a video while doing it and you are sharing it here with me!

I had to pause your video several times because I couldn't believe that you were saying such sweet and nice things about this little game I made. It's like I can't put into words how much this touched me and you made me feel proud.
Thank you so much, you have made my YEAR!

Big, BIG Hugs!

I just love the little aliens! And that they use their antenna to gossip! Oh they are so lovely, I just want to get to know more about them/her/him! And the Frisbo-casino haha

Thank you for sharing this game! :)

I laughed so much when it said "Work looks at you with disapproval" when I only picked my finger to offer some blood. Oh I just love Star Trek, this was such a gem to play!

And Klingon bachelor-parties sound INTENSE! I was so scared to die each day haha.

Despite feeling like I was close to death each day, putting my life at risk Worf told me "Your actions during these trials have been, well, completely without honor.".  I was like 'Worf ... you cannot mean this!" hahah

I love this slice of the Star Trek-universe :) wonderful work!

I love Rofous!

My keyboard is European and for some reason my keyboard-keys (; etc.) didn't work. But I would love to play this! Crossing my fingers there will be like a "european keyboard-option" in the future ;) tried pressing the settings but it didn't open a menu unfortunately.

And the music is so sweet it made me laugh together with the bird. Such a lovely mood!

Yes that's where I got stuck! Awesome that there's a fix already : ) your work is so nice. So cool if you'll possibly make it in english in the future!

It looks beautiful and the music is really nice! :) I got stuck outside the house (but my Spanish isn't the best so I might've missed some instructions!)