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TEMNAI rules!!

Wow, this is GOTY material for sure.

I agree, I would buy it if it was on Linux.

Solarpunk is great. Love this game, thanks for making it. (Not so sure about the soviet music at the end though.)

Thanks for playing! -Hugh

This one is pretty dang good. The mechanic of digging, snowballs, and making new platforms is amazing. Random level generation doesn't do anything for me though. Another zinger, Andrew!

Nice art style! You've gone all-in on the gameboy palette and it looks great.

Thanks for all of your comments, compliments, and critiques! I've taken a lot of feedback for this game and I have decided to make a small patch for it. I will not make any additional content for the game, but I will smoothen out some rough edges and fix things. 

  • Resolution. The floor of the level is outside of the window for some screens, so I want to fix that ASAP.
  • Collisions. The collisions between the cakes and the player are sketchy at best. Ideally I would like to fix the issues completely, but I think because of the way I designed the game it will be more difficult than usual. I'll give it a shot. 

Thanks so much for playing! If you find a problem with the game please leave comments here and on the game's itch page. I read them all! And thanks to the shenanijam community for being awesome! Let's make some more kickass games.


Great art! The controls lag a bit though on my machine. Poor grandma lol

Quite an ingenious mechanic IMO. 5 stars for fun. Good stuff!

Very nice visuals. Well designed. Nice work!

I love this game. The sound and the animation when she pours out the jug... so satisfying 

Love the mechanic! Very challenging

Nice game :>) the idea is good, I can only imagine what it would look like given more time!

Beautiful game!!

Haha, I love it. John is a psychopath

Sweet game dude!

Thank you! Check out the music by Jonathan So here -->