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Hugh B

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Nice art style! You've gone all-in on the gameboy palette and it looks great.

Thanks for all of your comments, compliments, and critiques! I've taken a lot of feedback for this game and I have decided to make a small patch for it. I will not make any additional content for the game, but I will smoothen out some rough edges and fix things. 

  • Resolution. The floor of the level is outside of the window for some screens, so I want to fix that ASAP.
  • Collisions. The collisions between the cakes and the player are sketchy at best. Ideally I would like to fix the issues completely, but I think because of the way I designed the game it will be more difficult than usual. I'll give it a shot. 

Thanks so much for playing! If you find a problem with the game please leave comments here and on the game's itch page. I read them all! And thanks to the shenanijam community for being awesome! Let's make some more kickass games.


Great art! The controls lag a bit though on my machine. Poor grandma lol

Quite an ingenious mechanic IMO. 5 stars for fun. Good stuff!

Very nice visuals. Well designed. Nice work!

I love this game. The sound and the animation when she pours out the jug... so satisfying 

Love the mechanic! Very challenging

Nice game :>) the idea is good, I can only imagine what it would look like given more time!

Beautiful game!!

Haha, I love it. John is a psychopath

Sweet game dude!

Thank you! Check out the music by Jonathan So here -->