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A member registered Dec 29, 2016

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They said they dont update the game for macOs and Linux.

I play with Radeon R9 380 and 100+ fps ;D

+DjwPlayz i wrote that ;) *Multiple enemies

You can bug the chest when place them very close to each other.

(sometimes) If you craft rope you can lost -1, I crafted ropes with 13 leaves

13-2=11-2=8 how game how ;D I have a video+

Raft bug

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I have these suggestions/ideas:

-Multiple enemies.

-Natural disasters like hurricane,Thunderstorm,Tsunami.

-Fall Damage

-Some types of boats

-You need a blueprint to make complicate buildings/Items


-Fireplace/stove to heat you up and not to freeze to death.


-More types of shark/some kind of enemies who attack you in the surface.

-Shark trap(Like bear trap just with shark :D).

-More kinds of Item net,The basic item net would just catch some items not 5-6-7 ;D.

-Durability on items including cooking station,water purifier and item net.

-Friendly AI-s.

-Maybe some kind of cheats(Gamemode) to add items to find bugs...

-More items:clothes,stone in the ocean to mine,ores(maybe),plastic,cotton....

-More building angle.

-More buildings.

-Do the items rarer.

-Iron buildings/Iron spikes to the shark can't eat your raft ;D.

-Player model.

-More weapon: crossbow&bow,(Throwable)spear,Handmade gun&bullet,harpoon....

-Armor on your body.

-New vegetables/fruits.

-Some types of tree.

-The potato sometimes just give you back 1 not 2.

-You can gain some water from rain.

-Day-Night cycle

-Sleeping needs

- extract salt from the ocean

Sry for my bad english, Have a nice day and happy new year ;D

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The most creative survival game in my life. :D

I have a few suggestions/idea:

- ships (The shark can "eat" it)

- falldamage

- Stronger shark/more shark

- Night-Day cycle

- rain,storm,natural disasters,vulcanic activity (On islands if you add those)

- Multiplayer

- Some new AI (pirates or something else maybe)

- Some new kind of fishes,trees,vegetables,building

- It's too easy to survive (Please some cooldown/durability on these:cooking station,water purifier and item net)

- More metarials and items (I know you guys gonna add some in the new update)

I have more ideas but I'm too tired :) (And I'm very bad at English)

Have a nice day :D