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thanks! excited to check it out.

Is this released? There seems to be no file to download.

he could if you asked nicely. Thanks for playing <3

Maybe it's just me, but fucking 20 imps into submission seems pretty dommy.

The game doesn't open. It says "KONNICHIWASEXPARADISE.uproject CreateProcess() returned 2."

exactly. so why are you bitching, then?

Really touching and excellent stuff. This reminds me of the old days before I had any idea i could be trans, but wished i could turn into a girl like in a cartoon. I wouldn't hesitate to fuse with a cursed artifact to switch, and I think the fact that this is not a nonexistant sentiment means we have a long way to go.

Anyway, thanks for the comic <3

I think something should be done to regulate the RNG. I played for 6 minutes and only got like 5 snakes. Pretty fun, though, and I look forward to future development.

the problem seems to be with the itch desktop app. i was able to download the game in firefox.

Something up with the download. On the download page, the Install space is blank, and has no options to select. Had this problem with multiple games, and I've seen multiple bug report threads about it, but i've never seen a definitive answer on what causes it.

You can't do it the first time you meet her. For me, the option became available after she had sent me back one time.

Stella was like the worst character in the game before this update. No art, scant content, and interacting with her in any meaningful way was a game over. This is a very large improvement.

We all gotta start somewhere. Thanks for playing. Got some big things in the works.


Should be all fixed. Tell me if you have any more issues.

Found a bug with the new enemy. After breaking their barrier a few times (I don't recall the exact number), after they fell to the ground, they disappeared. Later, while I was standing in the same spot, I spontaneously received the charm status and began walking forward. After a few second of that, the Laamie sex animation started. I assume that the enemy and their projectiles became invisible, but not intangible.

Frog wife so cute.

Very strange, but pretty cool.

Horny Jail

loved all the bosses, loved the music. fantastic game. can't wait to fight gold pig eventually.

mine opens to a blank grey screen. i can't do anything.