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Posted in Boneko comments

I did a video on this game.

Hey there! I played your game on my channel and liked it! I gotta say though, the good ending seems a bit too easy to get honestly. Nonetheless, it's a good game. And i'm sorry if i didn't bother getting the other endings.

Hello Andrea! I've done a video on YHOD and i gotta say, you really run out of luck fast while playing this game lol. I'm starting to feel like you're lying to us about the cards distribution being 100% fair (JK!). Anyway, good game overall.

Hey Andrea! I did a video on N.I.N.E. As with everybody else, i didn't have a single idea on what was going on but hey, the game is tagged "surreal" for a reason right? And it's your thing to make games that way so yeah! Good job on this game.

Thanks for the reply man! Btw, i just joined your Discord server, and i'm on atm. Can't you come on?

Hello Andrea! It is I, HoussemPlayingGames, formerly known as ThatBoyHM. Remember when i told you i'll be coming back to your games once i upgrade my PC? Well i did get the new PC and it's amazing! Though, i forgot to actually come back to your games so sorry about that :0

Anyway, what happened was, after i got the new PC, i deleted the old channel (you probably figured that out already from looking at the videos i left on your games, they not there anymore) and i created a new channel under the name "Houssem Playing Games" and started fresh. And it was just today (March 21st, 2018) that i remembered to record some of your games, sorry again.

So here's my video on QTGTW: 

It still has the wackiness and humor i remember from playing your other games. Good job!
Posted in Numina comments

Hey starlit! It's me, ThatBoyHM! I sadly have to say that i deleted the channel along with all my Numina videos. I'm now known as "HoussemPlayingGames" and i don't think i'll be coming back to this game sadly. Hope you understand and good luck with the game!

I really liked this game. Might do a second part.


Good game.


This was fun. I didn't get to the end tho.


This is really bizarre. That's all i got to say.


OMG, i absolutely loved this game (although i was a bit frustrated, like everyone else pretty much) but enjoyed nonetheless. I thought it was a clever idea and i'm glad that i played it. Also, side note: i was originally gonna record my face and voice but for some reason my mic didn't work on my new PC. Anyway, here's the video:


Enjoy and stay tuned for part