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The physical editions are now available for pre order, shipping in winter this year 

Yes that will be possible as soon as the physical editions ship

It's taking a little bit longer, sorry!  

thanks for the kind review and the bug report! 

thanks so much!

If you're playing on the web, click the pause icon at the top left. If you're playing in an emulator, make sure to unzip the zipfile so you can choose the correct rom (loading the zip probably chooses the first one it sees)

For Goodboy we're using our own engine written in the Nim programming language, but the easiest way to get started with GBA dev nowadays is the Butano engine (requires some modern C++ skills).

Check out for a full list of resources!

Really cool concept and really well executed!

Great game!

Woah really nice!  Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much, shy dog!

Thanks so much!  Yes, if you sign up for email updates we'll let you know once they're ready for sale: 

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It's 'A' on the GBA (rightmost button - B on the xbox layout) same as Mario and most platformers on the GBA, but you can remap them around in an emulator.  We'll add an in-game swap to the full game if we can.  

good luck!

Use the charge blast on their blocks so that they rush into the spikes, then you can shoot them while they're dazed.  

mGBA but it also happens on hardware GBA, don't think it an emulator issue

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Artwork looks great so far.  Unfortunately I get this error when attempting to interact with anything in the game:
ERROR in bn_utf8_character.h

Invalid UTF-8 character

Mind blowing stuff! 

So good to see the engine in use!  

We'll recruit testers from our discord server (but not till later next year), but feel free to join if you're interested:

Just for you 😁:  Map   
(The full game will have an in-game map!)

Thanks for your feedback!  The demo does autosave, but we'll take on board the other ideas.  

You can switch type at will (probably with select)

The s key charges on keyboard (standard GBA emulator controls). You can remap the controls if you download it though.

Thanks so much! We'll definitely add some kind of map, and the health is something we're thinking about (difficult to block paths with multiple hit-points, so may use checkpoints or some other solution).

Carga-blast las rocas antes de que cargue contra ti, entonces golpeará los pinchos.


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Haha!  Thank you!  The demo didn't have as much QA as the full release will, so there was a few bugs (I think we've fixed them all now!)  And there's a few things missing in the demo (like a map screen).  

Well done on the crown! 👑

Good ideas, we'll see what we can do in the main game!  I didn't know anybody knew Bones, hope you will enjoy meeting him in the full game! 

you can play it on DS! But it will only show on one screen 

The payoff was Azure's friend card, and the crown is for finding every item+friend (well done!!) If you have ideas on rewarding players better please let us know! 

Thanks so much for your thoughtful and fair feedback!

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Sorry to hear that. If you reset/refresh, you should be able to continue where you left off. We will fix this one in next update.

Thank you for your perseverance!

Well done! 👑

Wow I didn't think you could get the orange at 1:30 without a shield, good work!  

Love the theme and music  - concept is very cool too.  I just found I had too little control to ever have fun.  I realise you have very little control in an actual pinball game, so that might sound like a strange complaint, but I tried for a long time to get good at it, just so I could listen to the music for a bit longer, and never really got the hang of it.  

Game looks great, lots of little bits of polish that didn't go unnoticed!  Lots of content too for a jam game.  Mechanics are interesting and fun to play with too.  

Best 4 player battle game of all time.  #TeamRocket