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this makes me wish for more! I love it <3

I loved this game but I kept getting missing images and I got this error sometimes:


This site can’t be reached refused to connect.




Uh, I accidentally missed Needos story and he had a go at me when I pressed escape only to find it quits the game :'(

Is the classic not available to download anymore?

Also you should totally try porting it to mobile too ;)

How cute <3 I love the lil cat stampede at the end

Filled with charm and some delightful animations. Just wish there was more ;)

Awesome :O thank you. You should totes make a VR game/port at some point in the future tho ;P

Ooo, I'll have to give the game another go when that comes out. I've enjoyed my time with it so far (despite the annoying survivor :p) 

I think they're not related. Moulder and Skelly is a reference to FBI Agents Mulder and Scully from X-Files

Is this supposed to start VR alongside this? I also didn't have any audio

How do I play this outside of VR? Every time I launch it boots into my headset and I can't play in pancake mood :c

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This was beautiful makes we wish I could play some more :)

I only managed to save 350 million people out of the billions I start off with. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten :'(

Part of me wants to download the code and see if I can make it so you can keep playing in that new solar system and have the sun start to expand after a few minutes

The bit I dislike most is when theres one guy left and your towers cant reach and he breaks down a tower a whole tower by himself hmpf

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I let the sim run for a while and somehow they managed to get to gen 259.

Edit: Heres a link for all of the stats.