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Too bad it costs money.

too bad its not free

just generic enemies for rpg game boy styled games like legend of zelda

hi could you make a game boy enemy assets pack

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Nice Game! I hope you make more Joy-Con compatible games.

Seems legit

Ok then, if your such a hotshot, tell me. What would be the accurate tier list?


Probably? Possibly? Maybe?

Ok thanks! I'll be sure to email you!

Oh ok! 

Thanks for the sprites though!

We might have to give that blob a name though. Because I've already got a character with the name Blob. I technically could put him in IGB but he'd probably need to be called Purple Blob or something like that.

ok, what's their email address?

I've just released Indie Game Brawl. But it only has two characters at the moment. But in updates, more characters will be available.

ok, what's their email address?

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I have made a Super Smash Bros. Inspired game called Indie Game Brawl yesterday. It is a crossover fighting game with characters fighting in a large brawl. I am going to update it and add a 3rd party character which got me thinking, maybe one of your characters could join the brawl? The character that came to mind was the blob on the cover image of Retro Launcher. But I need a name for it. I hope it will be able to join the brawl!

Needs work

When I played, it lagged so badly.

Needs work.

Indiemaker Demo community · Created a new topic Good Game!

A Decent game!

Also, I forgot to mention, that Shrubnaut won't be available at release. But in the next update because of limited time we have. Sorry about that.

Thanks! :D 

Its not out yet, but it's called Indie Game Brawl.

Ok then! :P

I like Retro Launcher. But it would be great if I could play it on my phone. As I dont really have a PC or a laptop. I usually use my friend's one. I hope this happens! :D

I have a Key!

Could I use the Character in level head for a smash bros. Inspired game I am making. I have added all the 1st party characters so far. I am just looking for 3rd party ones. So, could I use him?

Also what's its name?

Could we use the Astronaut from among us in a game were making? It is a smash bros inspired fan game, and we are currently adding 3rd party characters.  Could we use Astronaut and add him into the roster?


What will the gamemodd be called? Or is it a surprise?

No problem! I wish you all the best for Retro Launcher! :D

Retro Launcher community · Created a new topic Pretty good!

A nice game and amazing structure!

Thanks! :D

I am making a fighting game inspired by Super Smash Bros. And currently, i am hoping to include a few 3rd party characters into the game. One that i hope i could use is ShrubNaut. I'm including him in. If you don't reply, he will be in the game.

Yes. However it is moving quite slowly. DLC for this game is being worked on.

In trolled 3, you must rescue your friends that have been captured by the evil Lord Sphere! He has hold of the Crystal of light and dark too. Only one Cube can save the world from Chaos....


These assets are very helpful for my game. Thanks.

Ok then

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I couldn't play it because it wouldn't load :( But sounds cool nonetheless