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Heyo back again and am still asking the same question i asked before 

Also wanted to add i see what you did with the closet thing (;

It's alright at least it works on the browser :D

I deleted it and downloaded it again and it still doesn't work /:

Are there certain keys to use to save and load?

I think it does but i also have issues with using "loading"

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Heyo saving doesn't work again on my MAC. Is there maybe a certain key to use and maybe i have no clue about it? If so i would like to know (:

Will do

Nope. In the MAC download

Saving doesn't work

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I've already played "Forgive my sins father" and now i'm exited to play this one :D

Edit: So i finished the game and it was good. But i preferred the first because the Father seemed reasonable but in this game, spoiler

The two more crazy endings were kinda sugercoating this mess. And i don't mind messed up stories but it felt somewhat out of character with the father that it was just weird and unsatisfying. But all in all i would give it a 4 out of 5

I enjoy this type of game. And would love seeing a full game of this concept :D

This game gives me the creeps. I always was disturbed from classic stories like Struwwelpeter and others because of the weird atmosphere, creepy character design but mostly the story itself. And now you did that with the intention of making it a Horror game... I guess i will revisit the sleepless nights again

Will try again thanks for the tip

Save option doesn't work...

Hey when is the DLC available?

Liked this story. Funny and wholesome 

The Mac version doesn't work for some reasons

It still doesn't work but it's alright 

Alright /:

Sad thought you would play more with the Rumpelstiltskin story idea like if there is way to find it out in the second round or something. But regardless of that the game was pretty interesting sadly the choices didn't matter/: I tried to do different options in the second round to get maybe a different reaction. But sadly it was the same...which took the mysterious feeling away from the first time playing /:

I can see it but it doesn't move. It seems like a screenshot

Spoiler question

Is there an option to find out the sisters name?

Hmm there is no error message it's just a black screen 

Nope i even waited a minute 

The web option doesn't work /:

Can't get the good ending ); and the walkthrough on Youtube are long as heck!

That is the point that you don't have checkpoints

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THANKS it never worked but i guess it's because  he was few steps behind me always XD

But can't play it anyways because of the control options );

How did you made it?

Can't use the items...

 I really liked that she was a "kuudere" and also no dynamic which i really enjoy some story should really consider this idea. 

Cool i can give you a visual example: Shimizu Miharu from Baka and test. If she's around Minami or talks about her there is this crazy theme playing (mostly because she is crazy) which makes it more comedic :D

Hope i will see more cool content from you. I'm also a fan of psychological horror combined with toxic love :D

Gives me "Happy sugar life" vibes

I'm pretty sure the developer finished it. They had 4 chapters in mind.

Cool i see potential in this game and i'm exited for the full release but surely it will take a while :D

Quality before quantity 

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Nice game what genres has this game except visual novel?

Are you still working on the game if yes then please make a safe option. Also the clicking isn't accurate and i would love that by calling the time wouldn't move or at least much slower. It seems like an interesting game but i can't continue after the day is it possible to continue or does the game end there?