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What if there was an option at the starting screen for the user to set what they want the 2 colors to be?

Thanks for your feedback. I will get those sorted. Was there anything in particular you were doing when the onionskin didn't show?

Hey guys,

I have been working on a Pixel Art animation tool to make animating faster and easier for less experienced artists. I think it's great so far, but I need external eyes to check it out because of course I am biased (it is my creation after all!) and there may be things I am overlooking.

Here's a link to the project: https://horrelltech.itch.io/animatepixel

Here's a video of me messing around with it making a couple of wee animations:

I would like to hear any input you guys may have and am open to suggestions and criticism.

AniMate - Pixel community · Created a new topic New Ideas

If you have any good ideas on what you would like to see added to this tool, please post them here!

AniMate - Pixel community · Created a new topic Bugs

Please post any bugs you find here, as I would like to know if things are working as they should!


Added some dynamic AI that can follow the player. Video has been updated to show the results. Download still the same

Hey guys, all feedback is welcome. I will be posting updates as they happen.

Post some interesting images you have made with this program! 

Hey guys,

When you are working on your projects, it always pays to back your stuff up. Even in general, it is great to have a backup. 

With this program, you can easily do that. You probably already have a backup plan, but it is always good to be extra safe. 

This is a very quick and easy, portable solution for saving yours, and your friend's stuff.


Link to program

Thank you for your comment. I am glad you find the program useful!

CodImage community · Created a new topic Tutorials
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Getting Started

Right, so you have downloaded CodeImage, installed it, and have it open in front of you.

First thing you should do is look at the top menu bar. Hover over each item to see what it does. You will notice the standard file save/loading etc. You will also see there is a Pencil icon. That will compile your code, and produce the image on the left.

There is a list on the bottom left of the window. That list shows all of the usable commands to create your image. Click on a command to view it's make up in the panel under the TextBox, so you know how to use it, or, double click on the command to add it to the TextBox.

Now for our first bit of code. We want to make an image with the size of 200x200, and draw a red line from the top left, to the bottom right.

;Create Width, Height : Initialize the image with the given width and height

Create 200, 200

;Color ColorName / A, R, G, B / R, G, B : Set the color of what is drawn on the image next *Default WHITE*

Color Red

;Line X1, Y1, X2, Y2 : Draw a line from point A to point B

Line 0, 0, Width, Height

Click on the Pencil button to compile the image.

That's it for the first Tutorial. Stay tuned for more!