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Accept my request in discord 


Its ok sister 

Hey do you know how to model 

And we dont spam

This is a paid job 

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Ok if you want to work with us contract discord:MRCTRANSWORK9557(the game designer)/shiva23itch io#5097(the game modeler)

                                                                                                                       Or you can Facebook chat with:chan chian shi/shivawadulkar           how job you want fun or paid tell me

Managing situation A. K. A simulation game

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We are group of two members we need one modeler we are developing a managing situation A. K. A simulation we need a modeler contract  email shiva23itch io#5097/ MRCTRANSWORK#9557 or facebook chat 

Chan chian shi/shiva wadulkar 

Hi are you a good modeler

Did you modeled it yourself 


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We are group of two members we need one modeler we are developing a simulator game we need someone for modeling

Contract on discord      shiva23itch io#5097(game modeler) 

And MRCTRANSWORK#9557(game designer) 

Says MRCTRANSWORK(game designer) no spam and no kick

No age requirements

Hi hanna lee would you like to be in our team we are designing a simulator game can you help us join our team

Thank you

Contract me on discord                    shiva23itch io #5097

Anyone would like to help i use clickteam fusion 2.5 devoloper 

Hi everyone my age is 12 and i do game development 

The problem is i did not publish any game or anything yet because i dont have ideas