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Thanks for checking it out and also retweeting the gif I put on twitter! Also for the tool. It really is a joy to use.

I've uploaded a wip build to itch so my niece can test it out. It's pretty last minute so there's some very obvious issues but I plan on building for android anyway.

Hey yeah what you described in the second to last paragraph was what I was experiencing. It was getting in the way of colour picking at the time but not actually changing the colours in the files. The workaround I've used is just to switch back to gamma when I do a bunch of art assets then go back to linear when I want to see it under desired lighting conditions

I think mine messed up because i had the center bit parented to the outer edge so it moved it around instead of extending

Thanks for the link. I'll def look into it and let you know how I go

Fantastic!!! The update is super neat

Ahhh thanks very much. I checked out the example scene and it has the example from the video. I can't get it to behave the exact same way with the rect tool (only one extends to follow the border) but that's fine. I just wanted to check if you had some kind of setup with multiple animators on the same object etc

Just wondering how you do it. I spent a while messing around but can't work it out. Anyone got it going?

This might be a bit overkill but man it would be soo freaking cool to be able to draw all of your desired letters over a template of small canvases (one for each letter/number/glyph?).

I plan on drawing a font in doodle studio for my current project so that all of my visual elements match the same style (primarily numbers atm cos I want to make a clock powerd by code, but i may do letters as well if I can see it being useful). It could potentially allow you to create characters in a similar way that the 9 slice panel works, maybe with some guides for ascenders, decenders etc. I haven't made a font before and I haven't started looking into what's involved but if there was a way to draw the characters straight into doodle studio I would be so super stoaked. Thanks for the great tool Fernando!

wowowowo thanks for the reply! Will try it out in the next couple of days

I'd be keen if I wasn't already pretty busy working on a project

I'd like to second this as a feature that would be very helpful. Although the absence also forces you to become a better drawer so ?

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I've made a bit more progress! Fleshing out the world with a few more objects although they don't all interact with the player yet. I'm super happy with it at the moment though. 


I really love the functionality you've added to control the current frame Fernando. It's pretty fun to use this plugin and I love being able to just think of something, draw it, animate it and then implement it super fast.

I'm playing with the idea of using a curved world shader but i don't know if it'll work with sprites. I'll have to try it out.

Thanks very much, that works perfectly

My 10 year old niece and I brainstormed a game together and I made the mistake of saying I'd make it :p I don't think there could be a better project to test out Doodle Studio!

It's gonna be a lane runner game with kitchen themed obstacles, as well as outfit choices and a catwalk where you get rewarded for a fashionable outfit? Why did I say I could do this in two weeks???

It would be sooooo freaking cool to be able to hook up animations as textures to geometry, especially geo made using probuilder

Using linear lighting setting is the best for lighting sprites using the shadowed shader but when you change the setting it also reinterprets the canvas colours, making them appear darker than they really are. Is there any way that could be fixed? Imagine it could be a pretty involved issue.

I'm just switching back to gamma when i need to make heaps of stuff then switching back to linear to see how things look ingame

I made a custom colour palette but when i closed and reopened the project all of my colours were gone :'(

Maximum calculator

Oh thanks, i didn't notice that. I'll give it a go.

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Hey I just wanted to say that I love the idea and the art is amazing. One little critique of the controls though, the keyboard and mouse control scheme is a lot stronger than the controller, specifically because you can aim and shoot independently.

It would be great if you could aim and shoot independently with the controller too so that you can aim your blades/sword etc without firing a shot away.It feels like you have a lot less fine tuned control with the current setup.

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