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hoops doggit

A member registered Jun 17, 2016

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Thanks very much, that works perfectly

My 10 year old niece and I brainstormed a game together and I made the mistake of saying I'd make it :p I don't think there could be a better project to test out Doodle Studio!

It's gonna be a lane runner game with kitchen themed obstacles, as well as outfit choices and a catwalk where you get rewarded for a fashionable outfit? Why did I say I could do this in two weeks???

It would be sooooo freaking cool to be able to hook up animations as textures to geometry, especially geo made using probuilder

Using linear lighting setting is the best for lighting sprites using the shadowed shader but when you change the setting it also reinterprets the canvas colours, making them appear darker than they really are. Is there any way that could be fixed? Imagine it could be a pretty involved issue.

I'm just switching back to gamma when i need to make heaps of stuff then switching back to linear to see how things look ingame

I made a custom colour palette but when i closed and reopened the project all of my colours were gone :'(

Maximum calculator

Oh thanks, i didn't notice that. I'll give it a go.

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Hey I just wanted to say that I love the idea and the art is amazing. One little critique of the controls though, the keyboard and mouse control scheme is a lot stronger than the controller, specifically because you can aim and shoot independently.

It would be great if you could aim and shoot independently with the controller too so that you can aim your blades/sword etc without firing a shot away.It feels like you have a lot less fine tuned control with the current setup.

cOOL APP. gRID LINES Are weiRD, maybe really thck.