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Thank you! There will be more content updates to come!


I'm HoneyFun, and a game that I've been working on for three or four months is finally out! Direct Ascent, a vertical endless runner with rockets, is a game featuring realistic rockets where you try to go as high as you can, avoid the asteroids, and get as high a score as you possibly can. Money also falls upon you, and collecting it not only gives you score, but also lets you buy new rockets if you crash into too many asteroids. Also, each rocket has its own abilityMost can use their boosters to destroy asteroids, and some have other abilities like going turbo or blowing up their first stage to clear the screen.

The game is currently in early access, and will continue to be updated very frequently to squash bugs, increase performance, outdo oversights, or make the game easier to play.

The game is currently only on PC/Mac/Linux, but there will be a phone version when Direct Ascent gets out of early access. Also, the game is currently free, but once the full release is out, the game will cost money, about five US dollars.

Comment the bugs you found, your gripes, or just overall feedback you have. That would be much appreciated. People who help me make the game better will get a discount on the full release, or might even get it free!


Link to the game:

Thank you! :)


Wait, you created Minecraft? Wow!! I'm so impressed! Check out my Minecraft mod here:

Cube Capture is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Download here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am banana bread too!

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Fire grub. Definitely. And also some Shadow Grub in it too.

Savannah is the correct spelling.

00001: [FIXED IN 0.3.0] Game gets laggy after a certain amount of time, depending on how fast your computer is. That is due to there meing too many objects in the scent at once and it's crazy.

00002: [FIXED IN 0.3.0] Cannot enter Stony Savanna (normally) and Pueblo because the Cube Ocean's collider is extending into their enterances. But there is a high pillar you can get on if you need to get into the Stony Savanna. I would have a video showing how to do it, but I can't do it. Sorry!

00003: You can get sometimes knocked out by the Cube Ocean multiple times when falling in there.

00004: [FIXED IN 0.3.0] Nearly all Stony Savanna areas have some sort of grayish texture applied to them. This is due to the models not being unwrapped. I'll unwrap them now, as a matter of fact!

00005: Wierd backface culling issues in some models of the Stony Savanna. At the moment, I don't know how to solve it. :(

There probably will be more bugs coming up here, but first I have to identify them and I want to spend time creating, not finding out all the bugs in Cube Capture.

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Here is the roadmap for Cube Capture.


YouTube Boss Fights - Fight with powerful, charged cupoo- and laser-shooting- YouTube bots!

The Frozen Forest - A slippery, snowy area filled with surprises.

The Cubritory - A place where a mad scientist could live in.

Charged Cupoos - In the Cubritory, you will be able to Charge those Cupoos with a Cupoo Charger that requires blueprints (obtained from YouTube boss fights) and electricity.


The Mirage Mountains - Nobody can see how amazing this mountain range is.

Invisible Cube - Refractive, active, and invisible.

Sub-areas in the Mirage Mountains, eg. the Venemous Volcano


Adding the Corrupted Core, this update will allow you to go deep inside the world of Okalamoka and see what's down there...

Other Cubes - I'm not telling any more Cubes that will be added.

Note: There might be a bunch of updated in between all of these updates adding random stuff and fixing bugs and stuff