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people don't know this, there's a "secret" if you activate a certain "action" :-)

this is the good ending

he escaped to argentina with the rest of them, making his way up north eventually. me? i stayed in the village i'd always known, and meditated on the nature of violence.

me and crane were in world war 1 together we got the iron cross for our bravery

we know each other from the war


huhhhhh i did have ideas after i finished it to use the combat for a more open game, perhaps a beat em up or something. i felt like the movement was the real draw, and it was what should be focused on. maybe it will be done!

no worries

too hard, i've never coded complicated ai before

no sorry

Sam, you rascal, what is this?

well I'm uploading a new patch now with a really blunt fix for it where just the doors from the treatment building/end building of that area automatically turn the menu back on just in case

ouhhh mysterious

can you tell me exactly what you did before the boss fight when escape stopped working? I have been unable to replicate this bug

this is apparently a more common problem than I thought... fuckkk

thank you!

Thank you! I've been trying to get better at my combat design...

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It is called Falling Directly to Hell For Six Hours Straight, and I'm having a hard time making that concept fun. Right now it's kind of an Oregon Trail type thing, with various random events as you fall to hell

also, this one actually looks fantastic! would gladly play a grueling, lengthy adventure in such a world.

oh hello, I've played many of your games!

hm... a predicament...

What can I say! I just wanna hear 'em.

thank you!

doors... the windows, to the game experience...

a world of boxes...


The game is very much worth your time! Exemplary vibe, it's a game of mystery to be sure... it's refreshing to play something that takes itself so casually! More games should use press turn battle too, it's very satisfying to use!

I've heard the music is very good... I wonder if you can buy it anywhere...

Cute game! I found it kind of confusing at first, but I enjoyed it more once I figured out the True Technique

creature of thed stars

Ahh, like  the stuff when you click on the exclamation point? that is not intentional... shit...

Nope :/

You can only save in wifi enabled locations with the palmtop

nice and rad

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this is Beyond... Im such a fan...

It's really incredible how much you've improved over the years, this is so much!!!!
every single one of your games makes me retry getting into 3d...

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I humbly submit Shrinespark for consideration in the bundle!

- released less than a month ago!

- set in space, stars kind of look like snowflakes from afar!

- chocked with quality Gags (necessary in times of strife).

- themes of togetherness, as befitting the Holidays.

- simulated online interaction (much like one would in Covid...)

Thank you for your consideration!

Sincerely, Homie Boon.

I decided to make it wholly free soon after making it on sale, and I can't figure out how to turn off the sale early!

literally got this comment on the reddit

MasterPlan community » Suggestions · Created a new topic Whiteboard

First off great app, love this! I find myself drawing little sketchy things in MSPaint then dragging them in as images, it'd be useful if there was a super-simple "Whiteboard" task in the same vein as the level designer, just a blank panel to draw in black on or something.

The game of the chumbus is hallowed and revered. You would do well to respect it, gamers.