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I really like games that do show something more than just a gameplay, games with some kind of message. I'm glad you made it and I hope for more stuff like this ^^

There's no video of the game so why not I guess.

It's good ^^

Would love to see this turned into an actual long game tbh :D

Here's my video :D

Did a second video. Finished this time :D

Finally got to play the game.

Really wanna give it a try cuz i like games like this but having to restart the game just to get stuck is kinda frustrating. I'd surely give it a second try after a couple updates tho

Great game :D

I'm liking the game so far!

Good game :D

Made a video :D I liked the game

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Hi! Great game! I really enjoyed it. I made a let's play if you're interested ^^

I've made my first ever video on YT and it's this game :D

I really enjoyed it. Fix info on your site tho ( says you have 4 workers and your site says that there's only 3)