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oh XD i should have thought bout that

this comment isn't really a bug but i want to know what kana gives to you in the toilet, the black thing.

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when you talk to kana and she explains her background it uses her old model and her eyes disappear.i don't know whether it was intended or not so please don't get mad at me. i love your game by the way

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it happened again, a lot more later on. im not a critic, just pointing out some, bugs? kana's eyes also disappeared. i mean i like the new models but its hard to not look at the floating eyes.

i dont think this was intended but ok

Looks Great

Ok! Good To Know!

Sorry To Ask But When Will You Next Update The Game? I Cant Wait For The Next Day! P.S. Your Game Is Really Good! P.S.S. I Wish You All The Best In Completing It!