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I love this game, and Friend is super hot! Love this.

There's an error when I try to go see Winston

Oh, I have the exact same setup. Looks like I'm pretty OP then

Late game

What are the best gears?

oh totally. a rapist is the best character!

Haha if anyone's wondering, yes; Matt is the only love interest I dislike (hate)

Does cheating lead to consequences? I really need an answer cuz I'm in love with 3 of the love interests!!

How do you have sex with robin

A bit sad how MLM has to be so controversial 

boys?? would love mlm content !

I am loving this game so far, good amount of choices and characters, they're very diverse in personalities, the stats that can be altered by the choices, the realistic outcomes and I just can't wait for the next update(s). The only thing I don't really like is the hair colours, the brown? is very red, and the only really natural colour is blonde, other than that I love this game and can't wait to see how the story unfolds. Props to the creator!

Is there a route for Wyn?

Thanks :)

Is that what determines in? Wow I had no idea, thanks :) Since theres six, which will be for which?

I've been playing for 2 hours now and I've not got any options for any of the LIs, 'cause Delilah is always there instead, I'm wondering if there's a reason for this or I just have to play more for the other LIs? (At the time I'm writing this I am at the halloween event)

This game was so awesome! Def one of my favourite visual novels, I really hope that there will be some kind of sequel, the cliffhanger for ending 4 is crazy. The characters were very well made, the choices were good, didn't force anything upon you and I liked how it changed your endings. I give it a 10/10 and I'm excited to see other games you make.

Any kind of wiki to this? Or can you tell me about how to get Gwen yandere?

It doesn't let you start a new game, if you press new game it closes.

Is the mall just entirely unfinished with barely anything to do or do I need to unlock more stuff?

Q: I really like (Character name), can I romance/have sex with him/her? Can you add more of him/her?

A: Leave me a comment or message to let me know the character you like. I'll prioritize the more popular characters with content updates.

I really like Eerie and I'm wondering if we'd ever be able to romance her? (Or force it like charlotte ig)

I know this is supposed to just be a sissy game fully, but can/would there ever be an option for getting a vagina? Or maybe even both.

Thank you! I have a bug report, when I milked the cow girl from the farm my game froze and nothing worked, so I had to close it and I lost my progress!

both?? what other companions other than the dog are there?

I don't understand the directions, and I followed the lake to the top of the map

Thank you! I'll be avoiding that charm :)

You've been very helpful, if you don't mind do you have a discord we can talk on?

Thank you! I have another question, how do I ride my animals? I have mastered the ride trick.

ANOTHER question, how am I supposed to defeat the slimes?

Adding another question to this, how do I get the recipes from the witch?

When I was helping the witch I got a request to get a raptor for her, and which I did; afterwards the request disappeared and she didn't take the raptor. I am now stuck with a little reptile and I do not know how to bring their energy up. Please help!

I cannot get to the end of the middle walkway of the house, when you get the scroll quests.

What does the charm you get from the outcasts do? Does it force anything on you and can you take it off

Is there a plan to add a female protag?

The words are slanted and unreadable, how to fix it

How do you put hair on? doesnt say equip anywhere and i bought many of it

How do you even use the lockpick

This game is 100% one of my favourite NSFW games, but I've got a bug to report. Around the time in ember city (idk if that matters) but it wouldnt let me load or save, then the game crashed, i reopened it and i still cant load

Does doing the bar job count as that? but when i do that it always shows as prostitution and sometimes its safe sometimes its normal, do i need the full just normal 40 times???