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HELP 馃槶馃槶 i won't disagree with you there...

help  i am dima kinnie im iiin tears.s

ohh, i see!!

spoiler below !!

i got a bit scared that going thru the door would put an end in the relationship ( due to the warning that the relationship would reach an ending ), but if i understood correctly, that means that the relationship will just end in that "world", right?

thank you for replying !! <3

I love this game so much. I don't even know how to begin, lol.

The art is amazing, and I love the little animations and the characters ( especially their design ). The story is very captivating, well-written and interesting. The music is so cool and good to listen to! It is an amazing work.

To be honest, at first I wasn't really keen of the game. But after I gave it a try... I am totally hooked on it. 

This is an art piece, truly. <3


i just wanted to know; can you give a hint to how finish chapter 3 w/ Mikail? I am revisiting all the places over and over again, but I can't seem to find a option to go thru the gate with him. :( thx for the help !!



but thank you!! now i can finally rest in peace ( common decency did, i guess.. )SHDJSHDJ 

aw, thank you :"0 i hope too, tbh hdhfjh

also, if it isn't a bother, could you please tell me some tips in how to get the couple ending? :''0 i can't seem to get it, although i tried a lot.. i always get the bad ending :'''0

Oh, are you Brazilian too, perhaps? It is so nice to see a game settled here !! specially one as good as this.

I love it, truly. The writing is impeccable and the story is very interesting. I am definitely charmed not only by the premise, but also by the characters/world in general.

Congrats for such an amazing work!

or, better saying, parabens mano tamo junto KKKKKKKJ

i already wrote it in the docs survey, but nonetheless, i will write again (although it will be a shorter comment this time HSHSJ ) >:)  

first of all: your writing. please, it is so amazing. the characters, the universe, it is done so perfectly!! i instantly fell in love with this game. 

second, i loved the music/sfx !! it really is a nice touch, and very innovative! i don't think i ever played an IF with music/sfx before. 

third, i may or may not have fallen in love with the characters. I MEAN, they all look so interesting  !!! and all of them seem very endearing in their own way :"0 鈾モ櫏

congrats for the incredible work!!!

can't wait to play the full thing ^^鈾

stay safe and take care !!!!!

( also, yes . i am the Adri from the survey form HSHSH )

i love the game !!! it is so amazing.. the storyline is v. interesting, and all  the characters are so charming ^^

my fav until now is Cygnus ! can't wait for the full game to come out. <3

this game is one of my favorites, ever. i like the layout a lot, the art is pretty, and the music is just... * chef kiss * - not to mention how realistic the messages are, and how the plot twist is so well done.

i love it. thank you for making such a marvellous game.

love this game so much that i just. can't express it with words. the art is astonishing, the world is so interesting - honestly, the type of mages/magic, the creatures, it all is so well done that the game, definitely, became one of my favorite games ever. -, oh, and don't even let me get started about the characters. they are not only pretty, but their personality is charming - to the point where you can't help but want to know more about every single one of them. even the side characters, who seems like they have little importance, are crucial to the story ( at least in my point of view ). the option to turn off the sensitive content + turn on the dyslexic font was v. innovating and greatly helped me.

i am so hyped to the release! congratulations, you are doing an amazing job. <3 

i hope you are all doing well, and take care. ^^ ( and, once again, congrats for making such an incredible game. )

the art is so lovely, and the good end have a very interesting - and i must admit, cute - twist !! the music also is pretty nice ^^

i love it, congrats !!11

this is just so -- i am wordless. it is so cute!!

the art, the characters, the story. it is all so amazing and well-done!!! congrats for the incredible work ^^

i am ashamed that i procrastinated for so long to play this masterpiece, really.

the art is breathtaking, the music is nice and calming, the story and options ( like the wallet, or how you can buy thing or go to other places, interact with the scenario in general and the little pop-ups/cutscenes ) is amazing and inovating, and the characters... *heart eyes* ... i swear that if B or N ( or whoever ) asked me to give them my soul, i would right away without thinking twice hsdjhd --

ok, ok, what i meant to say is that they're wonderful. B' story/past seems so interesting, as well the other characters'.

this game is number one not only in my fav games list, but in my heart as well :"""0 <3

sorry for the long comment !! :") and congrats for the sensational work !!!1

wow. like, wow. this game is just .  ???!! i love it so much .

the music is nice, the art is literally the best, the story seems very interesting and promising. i specially like how the plot change depending on the character you choose ( even if it does have the same "base" ), and how it is very different from how you expect the game and the characters to be.

it already looks wonderful, even tho it is only a demo !! can't wait for the full game.

congrats on the sensational game !!! keep up w/ the good work, and take care <3

this game is so... so... i can't even express how much i love it, honestly.

the writing is impeccable, to the point that there was times that i was holding my breath, expectantly. The story is very immersive, even though it is not exactly focused in self-insert.

the sprites are so, SO pretty. The CGs too. It is easy to fall in love with the characters, and the plot is very interesting and nice to read. I like how it is an slow-burn romance, where Ren and the LIs gradually grow fond of eachother.

Talking about Ren, I love his character development. He discovering how a normal life is, he slowly understanding his feelings. 

This VN is wonderful. marvellous.

I hope that someday yall make another game !! I am sure it would be as amazing as this one.

Congrats for the amazing work. Take care !! <3

I love this game so much !!!

The art is just incredible ( I really adore the art style and the colors ), the music/sfx are very nice to hea, and the writing is just impeccable !!

the plot is very interesting and immersive, the type that makes you wanna play the game more than once. 

I really love how you portrayed Thiu ( and the other characters as well ), as someone who have been struggling with problems... quite similars? to his, it is nice to relate to some character from time to time ( although it is kinda depressing that i relate to someone like Thiu DSHJKH what i mean is that the characters are very well-written and complex in their very own way ).

congrats for the good work !! it made my day 100000x better HSDJHD

Stay safe and take care ^^ <3

my depression is gone  and my dignity too but oh we ll

The game is wonderful. It is so well-written, and the story/plot is very interesting !!

the profile/relationships option and the fact that the choices actually makes difference in the story is nice !! there isn't a lot of games outta here who actually have that. congrats on the amazing work. ^^

The story is cute, the characters are well-written and lovely. The music is calm and nice to hear, and the layout is cool ! My only complain is that the backgrounds and Nagisa's pose seems kinda off .. BUT, that is all ! The game is amazing :)

i already rated it in the google play , but i must say again : the game is AMAZING !!! the story is very well - written , the art is just the best , the characters are pretty and all of them are charming in their own way . i don ' t usually buy / spend money on games , but it was SO worth it !!!

( p . S : it would be very nice if the game had a skip / auto function , but thats not a problem !!! it just would be easier since you need to re - play the game sometimes to choose different things ^^ just a idea tho ! )


the story is very well - written , the characters are incredible pretty ( specially the blonde one in the end , but ... oh well  :"l  i hope i can see they again somehow !! ) , and the music is just *chef kiss *

That would be pretty nice! Good luck, and congratulations for the amazing work!

I just.. love it. It's amazing, from the art to the story. I played it a lot of times, and i never get tired of it.

The characters, all of them ( even Jeremy, lol ), are so charming! They're incredible, and full of personality. I can't wait to play the whole thing!!

Congratulations for the wonderful work <3

Hi, do you pretend to release it to android? It's an incredible game!

Hi! Do you pretend to release it to android someday?

hi! do you pretend to release the game for android/IOS in the future? it looks like a really good game, but i don't have a computer -

(1 edit)

oh, i'm trying to download via web browser! i'll try to download it via the app, and i tell you later if it worked!

thank you for answering! <3

edit: i downloaded it via the app, and it worked! 

about the game, it wasn't exactly what i thought it was, but i loved it regardless! althought it's very simple, the little story was pretty good! 

hi! sorry to bother you, but i can't download it :(

it says that is a problem in the server; also, i tried downloading in another cellphone, tried to download other games ( and it downloaded just fine ).. and i really wanted to download it :(