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Call Me CJ

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Not a bad game, not perfect of course. But its a nice change of pace from most games, and a nice game to spend some of your time if your bored, of course. This game is in early development and more updates are soon to happen, so I'll visit back to this game to see if there is a new update, and if there is. I will record a video of the new update and give my reviews / opinions, have a good day. 

I recorded a commentary video of the game, check it out if you want to see the game 

This was a very very interesting game, as someone that has played a lot of horror games, something about this particular game just felt different. But in a good way, a lot of tension & good sound design, give this game a try if your bored... 

Gameplay Video: 

Baby In Yellow ~ Short Game Review 

No Commentary ~ Full Playthrough 

A game that is about being in a room with nothing but a tennis ball, and some cookies. But your not alone in that room...

Alright serious time, the game lasted for around 20 minutes on average. The game is a very photorealistic game and if you want it more realistic go ahead and turn up your sharpness in the Nvidia Control Panel, its worth it. So yeah if your bored go ahead and play the game its something that can make you not bored lets say that *wink wink*. But I might make a game review on this who knows, but so far good game, and I created the thumbnail on Photopea if your wondering this isnt stolen lmao