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Thank you very much for trying my game and giving feedback ^^ I'm going to tell you a secret: If you press CTRL the ninja swings his sword. There was a plan to add skeleton pieces in the first part and then real enemies in the second after you go back in time but with a lot of things I wanted to add I ran out of time ^^' I will add enemies in a future update :) 

Did you follow the google drive link? I had some issues with the upload and missed uploading some files ^^' 

I got to level 3 and then there was nothing but a big drop. I don't know if I missed something or if that was the end ^^' Like may have already said there are a little to many powers and the stoping and slow mechanic were the most useful :) Overall it need some polish but it was fun :) 

Thank you for trying my game and giving feedback :) Of course I will ^^ 

Okay first I tried your OG build and I didn't like it at all. I just helt W and made it to phase 18 before I somehow died so I hade no idea what was going on and that is not my kind of music at all. Then I tried your newest build and wow what an improvement! I still don't like the music (personal taste) but now it's a game! I think it looks great and now it handles very well. Good job improving on it :) 

Here's a video

Yeah I realize it's a weird suggestion. What I meant was a screen in the right corner(or something) that showed where it went but a trajectory is probably a better choice ^^ 

Yes they went back but they never chased me again. I could stand right in front of one and it didn't hurt me at all. 

Fantastic game although I got stuck at one level and just couldn't continue ^^' Love the art and sounds! 

Yes I will fix those things in a later update ^^ Thank you for trying and giving feedback :) 

Hehehe yeah I thought people would get a kick out of it ^^ If you are talking about the first level then no it's not a bug. My thought was that the spikes are covered with wines so they don't hurt and then you go back in time and the spikes hurt you now because there are no wines ^^ 

I had problems with the last collider so I never got to see the end :( and I found another glitch. If you make a robot chase you and stand behind a wall after the rewind they will not chase you and they do not hurt you. Besides that I think it was a really enjoyable game and I think it looked great! 

Thank you for trying my game and giving feedback ^^ I can tell you that I'm a total amateur since this is my first game :) And I'll take your feedback as I go forward and try to fix everything that is wrong! 

I'll rate yours and here's mine ^^

Will rate yours tomorrow ^^ Here's mine :)

I only need one ^^

Fun game but I never finished listening to any of the tapes after I got the word ^^' 

Here's mine :)

The graphics were nice but the AI was really on top of me right away.

It was pretty hard and I think I just got lucka at some parts xD Don't know how but it would be nice with a camera that showed the part that you aimed at :) 

So my biggest issue with the game is the fact that I don't see the traps and all of a sudden I die. I understand that it has something to do with the clocks but I never really saw anything different between the clocks that did nothing. The character is to slow and it got boring at times when I just wanted to move forward. 

Now the things I really liked was the character design, music and overall art of the game :)  

It has been said by other before but the landing needs some fine tuning, permadeath is pretty annoying IMO and it took me out of the fun. I love the graphics and the music and I think it has potential to become a great game :) 

It was pretty fun but a bit to easy. I liked the simple story and the graphics are really nice but the text is pretty hard to read so you should use another font :) 

I almost rage quited the last second to last level because I didn't know you could walljump xD Found it by a fluke and maybe I just missed it in some text. But I loved it! It was a lot of fun and frustrating at the same time ^^ 

Thank you for playing my game and leaving feedback :) Yes I'm very proud of the animations ^^ 

I think I need to make it more clear that you play the same course twice since you go back in time with a time machine :) Thanks again! 

Great game! I tried it with my ps4 controller but when I went on the x-axis it started to go slower and when I shot the ship stopped. Pretty weird but I guess it's more made for windows at this point in time :) 

Very interesting concept :) I liked it but the rewind effect was a bit much the first time I did it making me a little nauseous ^^' Really cool musik and I want to see more levels! It was to damn short :)

This is one of those games that I know is good but sadly it's not for me. I was looking for an ending before I realised that it was never ending and, as a story teller, I like endings ^^. 

There was a glitch when I brushed up against a wall that forced the camera outside of the stage for a split second. 

 I guess my dpi is pretty high because it was very sensitive (I've had the same problem in other fps from the jam). Overall I think it's a good game but not for me :) 

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback :) Yes Mortal Kombat was the inspiration for the character ^^ 

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Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback :) 

It's actually just me who made the game with some help from my wife with the photos ^^ Yeah a lot of people have said that about the jumping so I will have to fix that in a future update :) 

And yes I want to make the ending more player involved I just ran out of time ^^'

Here's mine :) I'll check out your game as well!

Here's mine :) I'll check out your game as well!

Here's mine :) I'll check out your game as well!

Here's mine :) I'll check out your game as well!

Here's mine :) I'll check out your game as well!

Here's mine :) I'll check out your game as well!

Here's mine :) I'll check out your game as well!

Here's mine :) I'll check out your game as well!

Here's mine :) I'll check out your game as well!

Here's mine :) I'll check out your game as well!