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It was the last level ! You just missed a 'thanks for playing' text, and a little pixel art background so don't worry. You made it super far ! Even some of us, I won't say who, had trouble reaching the end. We probably should have lowered the difficulty a little. Especially for a game jam.

Initially, we planned on making more levels with slower difficulty progression. But time got us :)

Thanks for you review ! Glad you enjoyed the game !

As Erika Taylor once said: Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

Hope this help 🙃

Nice game ! I love the zoom. It makes the levels looks immense. The sens of gravity is pretty neat too ! And a save system ! Thanks for that :D

Cool game ! If I had some troubles understanding the gameplay at first (that the back of the ship was the collisionShape to use for mining), It was pretty fun after i got it :)

Did I miss some tutorial or something ? 

I love the aesthetic, especially the UI and the controls. With more time, some sound effects would be super nice !

Great job !

Thanks a lot ! It was our first gamejam and we're super happy we finished it in time !
Glad someone else got some fun out of it :D

Thanks a lot for your review !
I'll come by to give you a rating of course !

Hey, It is bomberman styles ! I didn't thought about it. As for the HTML version, there is some compatibility problems right now but we might fix it if we got time. :)
Thanks for your kind comment !

Nice entry ! I really like RTS games, good job ! Some already mentionned it, but I only had some trouble with the selection. It seems hard to implement though !

As a little quality of life change, I had trouble finding the units without weapon for example. The fact that you can see all the units in the bottom bar, and select one was super useful for this, maybe adding little icons to say 'this one got a weapon/armor already' could be cool !

Again nice first game ! Congrats !