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I know, it’s not very rewarding,  I did all I could with the time I had.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing and for your feedback, it is really appreciated! By the way, there is a slider in the pause menu to change the mouse sensitivity.

Glad you liked it, I really appreciate it!

It's really cool, I didn't find it too hard. I think some kind of ranking would be nice. Good job!

I loved it! The art is perfect, the gameplay is simple but great! Maybe it's because I liked it but  I found the game a bit too short. Really good job!

Molt guapo! M'ha costat una bona estona però al final me l'he passat jajaja, Good job!

Amazing, I loved every second of it.

I completely agree with you. This was my first game jam and I still have many things to improve on. Also composing music is definitely not one of my strengths, thanks for the sincere feedback, much appreciated.

Actually you can finish the game in less than 5 minutes, thanks for your feedback!

I'll keep in mind your suggestions and I will definitely add a Y-axis option when the jam ends (I'm not sure I'm allowed now).

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh ok, sorry for that. Yeah you have to follow  the "head" of the light. As soon as you get close to it you absorb it automatically. Also there is  a UI element that points you to the closest ray and tells you the distance. When the jam ends I'll improve some things,  thank you!


Thank you! Could you elaborate a bit more why couldn't you grasp the gameplay?  You need to recover all the other rays of light before you reach earth (as you have been separated), is it the fact that the premise is kind of stupid or you just found it boring?

Thanks for the feedback!

I think it said so before, that's why I told you.

Awesome game! I couldn't find any "crystals" or whatever and I really tried, I got all the other upgrades though. AlsoI found the dialogs really funny, good job!

Thank you! I'll fix that now.

Isn't there a ui element that points you towards earth?

Thanks for the feedback!


Good game, I really enjoyed it!

Hey! I tried to play the Mac version but it doesn't open, just so you know. 


There was a jump I couldn't make, it felt like the cube couldn't jump high enough. This is where you have to jump on the little cubes, you have one above you and one far to the right with the white lines spinning. Couldn't reach any of the two, am I doing something wrong?

A bit hard (even feels unfair sometimes) but really good game.

Hey! I don't think it has linux and mac support.

I press W but nothing happens so I can't jump. I'm on Mac btw.

Very nice! A bit short but yeah... it's a game jam. Good job!

Just so you know, mac version works fine.


It says it has Mac and Linux support but I don't think it does.


Can't jump after respawning, when you fix it I'll try it again.