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You cannot.
I am planning on letting you be able to go work at the Cafe should you back out of the Bakery route, but things will be pretty different working at the Cafe after that and will largely just be a source of income.
Better to work at the Cafe from a second playthrough.

That is very strange. I'll see about adding a google drive alternative once the next public build is released.

Might I ask why? What problems are you having with Mega?

Thanks for the feedback, and there is certainly going to be some content in future updates that you'll take a liking to.
As for the early blackmail content, this was tricky for us. We needed a way for the player to avoid getting it in the first place, as well as getting the player in a position where Matt could get blackmail on the player in a way that made sense.
As for the consequences the school is extremely strict about their reputation and any sort of small scandal would result in them taking the path of least resistance to see the problem dealt with.

That's right. When he starts the conversation with you. Glad you got it figured out. :D

Eventually you'll have to choose one route to stick with through conflict events.

He should definitely be in your contacts. I'll take a look into this.

Might be the phone, this issue has not been reported by anyone else.

The next public release of the game will be on November 1st.

Thank you. The next update will not feature a continuation of the Mafia storyline, but will very soon.

Next public update will be in a few months.
Which will be all the accumulated updates up to that version.

Hello again, I haven't been able to replicate this bug on my end. Chances are it could very well be something to do with your androids version. There are often bugs with android that happen due to what version they are on and it's out of our control.

Chances are the ones you're missing is from Violet's alternate Sub or Dom route.

Thank you, glad you're enjoying it. 

That is... very strange. I'll try to replicate this, but I doubt I'll be able to.


I have not heard of this bug before. You're not leaving it blank are you?

If you're attempting to use old save files that's probably the problem there.
Often with updates images get renamed, variables get added, conditionals get tweaked, and these changes are sometimes not carried into old saves which will break the game when you try to load from it. 

There will be an event that can happen that will completely change his demeanor, however, after that you cannot continue his route.

Thank you!

No impregnation stuff is planned. Since that would have to occur over the course of a few months in game and would have to center around it.

Right now the Nate and Co. route is finished for now. But it's still left open should we return to it.
If we do return to it we'll hit it with a fresh look and delve deeper into the fetishes that make it fun.
Glad to hear it, I'm just glad it's not as broken as the last update. XD

There is!
Here you are:

We hope the this new version eliminates the problems that people were having.

We are certainly a long way from that point and plan on continuing public releases for a while. A price for the final version is not on our minds at the moment.
We just want to make a fun game for people to play.

Currently looking into fixes.

Can't download or doesn't work?

I know there was an android update that broke most ren'py games.

Windows 7 during this version was broken due to a update with Ren'py itself. We've been attempting to fix it ourselves with no luck.

Just text Damien when you're in his route.

What does the error message say?

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The Free Version is updated every 6 months. Next update in April.

Plenty of more content being added.

Currently there is Dom style routes for Violet and more assertive options for Damien as his route progresses. 

While our writers for this game are women themselves, this game is designed as a Hentai game first with specific kinks in mind. In the future there will be more options for other styles of play and perhaps you'll enjoy it more when that content is added.

Thanks for bringing up this suggestion! Always fun to see stuff like this. 

For the landlord, this wouldn't work for the kind of man that he is, however, the Phone stuff contacting them for scenes could very well be a possibility in the future. We'll have to see what happens in the future. 

New Update coming this April.

I'm not sure if this is implemented in the downloadable version of the game or not, but is there a way to enable true fullscreen with the game?
I know how to fullscreen it with Alt-Enter or F, however this is only borderless fullscreen with a FPS limit of 60. My monitor can go up to 144 and playing the game in the browser at fullscreen the game will run at this rate making playing the game much smoother and allowing for better timings and reaction speed.

The Free version of the game will be updated on April 1st to version 0.30.

The earnings have been balanced out a bit more in the newest updates. I know that feeling when you come in just a bit under.

Yes you can date all three of them at the same time, however, be prepared to choose between them when the time comes.
The conflict events for all the characters haven't been implemented yet so right now you can go down all their routes without any consequences, but eventually you'll need to choose.