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Thanks for the info.

New Game +
Once you complete the game once the option will appear in the wardrobe.

It is free. You don't need to pay for it.

Game is still in development and none of the main routes have been completed yet. Yes, Kate's story will continue.

Uni does have an app thumbnail, but for some reason refuses to use it.
I'll take a look at it for the next release.

Extracting an .apk on your phone then editing the files on your phone does not sound very efficient.
First you'd need to find a way to extract the .apk, which I'm unaware of any programs that can do so.

Right now the only difference is this:

Uni 0.45.105:
-Added 6 New Damien Events
-Added Damien Route Lock.(Still needs sprites added)
-Daylimit increased to 90 days.
-Fixed Matt showing up at the parent teacher conference event if already dealt with.
-Added New Ending images for routes completed.

Everything in the FullstartASE folder.

The android version is a port of the PC version right now so there are going to be some issues when it comes to mouse-related functions.
When we get to closer to 1.0 and start further polishing the game up we'll definitely consider your suggestions on this.

The file upload size limit to Itch is 1GB per file. Uni is 1.3GB.
I've contacted about a file limit increase, but they haven't gotten back to me.

If you mean all the CGs for Violet try going down her other path. Sub or Dom.

Other than an official translation, I'd assume machine translation?

You don't have to pay for the game.

As in any of them?

Ah nah, cheats are fine here.

There is a sort of NG+.
It allows you to change the daylimit and skip over the early stuff if you want.

There are always going to be major changes between versions that are likely going to cause errors with older save files.
You can still play with an older save if you want, but if you encounter an error, then the old save is more than likely the cause of it.

Should be fixed with the upcoming public release update.

Steam is tricky and can be hit or miss since they have issues with erotic games that have school uniforms in them. However, there are plenty examples of games on the platform that violate this rule.

Completion of Uni is about 50% now, and once we get closer to a completed version of the game we'll attempt to see if we can release it on Steam, but there's a good chance we'll be denied. Doesn't hurt to try at least.

Dreams don't have CGs.

The reason is because the Dreams were originally rewards given to Council Tier Patrons. They give us a prompt of a scene they would like to see and our lead writer at the time would write up the prompt free of charge to us.
After she was unable to continue writing that tier reward went with her. We did not continue it was it would cost time and money for these scenes.
However, I have said if anyone wants to make or commission an artist to draw the dream scene then I'll add it into the game as long as the artist adds his credits into the image.

We are on Ren'py 8, though it hasn't been updated to the most recent version. We don't update it when we're close to an update for Uni since a Ren'py Update can potentially break a lot in the game.

There are plans way later on for content with the Teacher and Coaches.

Don't worry there are plenty other that don't like Matt.

There will not be.

That does present an idea to warn the character if a major character in the game is already named the same.

Next public update is on New Years. 0.44
Though on Patreon it'll be 0.45.

Thank you for the praise! I hope that we'll continue to live up to the expectations you have.

More to come!

Gallery bug has been fixed in the updates after this one.

Yes it will be fixed.

Thank you! More to come!

January 1st

You can, but you will have to choose one eventually.

Usually they are not. You can still use an old save, but chances are you're going to get errors.

Sadly, no none of the club members have romance routes.

That text is a random one and things will return to normal afterwards. No requirement to do anything.

Which version are you trying to get? We don't keep an archive of the older versions due to a lack of space, but we do keep a few versions back. Usually 3.

Yes. It's still in active development with new updates being posted on the Patreon every 2 months, and the public version being updated every 6 months.

Sounds like you didn't continue the rest of the Mafia events to get the favor to call in.
The Damien CG Scene at the Cafe appears as intended.
In the first CG with Matt fondling Chelsea there is no variant where she "turns her head to the side". Not sure what you mean by this exactly, but the CG works on our end.
The cell phone photo also works on our end as well. Unless you mean that it doesn't show up the gallery. Which it doesn't.
The Blue Maid dress is not the blue dress Violet gives you. It's only a selfie you send to Matt when you message him through the phone.

Thank you!

No plans for that.

Tuition Academy
Good Girl Gone Bad