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Thanks for giving it a shot!

I’m glad you liked it, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

I’m happy you enjoyed the game so much! I’m working hard to get the next one done soon :)

I’m glad you enjoyed the game! Tabletop games are a lot of fun with the right group of friends. 

I would definitely recommend playing the version with sound if you play again in the future!

This was so cool! Thanks so much for playing and making this!

Incidentally, the game was just recently updated with sound. Sorry you had to make your own music!

No problem! I’m hoping to do 6 chapters, releasing a chapter every other month.

If you follow me here on, you will be notified when the game comes out. I’m hoping to have the first chapter ready to play in August!  If you want to see WIPs and stuff, I post those on my Twitter.

I'm flattered you want to use my scenario for your own campaign! There was so much more I wanted to do with the 'bandit hideout that is run like a white collar office' idea than I had time for.

Thanks for playing!

I’m glad you liked the game, thank you for taking the time to comment!

Thanks for playing! I’m curious which ending you got. I have a feeling it was a certain grumpy knight...

Oh wow, thank you! I’m glad you liked my nerdy children.

The bad ends were a lot fun for me write, so I’m happy they’ve been so well received! I’m glad you’re looking forward to the next game. Here’s to hoping I can get the first chapter/episode done by my self-imposed deadline of August!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! In the game I’m working on now (which is a retelling/continuation of this one), Dan will have his own route ;)

Ah, thank you for the kind comment! It makes me happy to hear that the game brings up nostalgic feelings for those who have played D&D/ other tabletops.

It's great to hear that as someone familiar with DnD, you still enjoyed the very casual/basic way it's presented in the story! Thanks for playing.

I’m glad to hear that, thanks for playing!

The feeling you described of spending an evening with friends is exactly the vibe I was trying to convey.

I’m glad you liked the game and are looking forward to more of my work! I actually hope to make a few more short games based around this premise/group of characters.

Thanks for playing! I specifically wrote the role play aspect of the story to be light on the DnD terminology/references so that people unfamiliar with tabletop gaming might still be able to enjoy it. I’m happy it seems to have worked! The group are basically playing Dan’s own homebrew game that is light on rules and heavy on RP. 

As for the lack of music, I simply ran out of time before the game jam deadline and couldn’t implement it. It’s something I’m looking forward to being able to do in my next game!

I’m glad you liked the game! I have plans to work on some more short games with these characters.

I’m happy to hear that, thanks for playing!

I’m glad you like it!

Thank you for playing it! I’m happy to hear you liked Dan’s narration. He’s my favorite character, so I had a lot of fun writing him.

It’s also nice to hear you liked the bad ends! I know instant death bad ends are somewhat divisive. I tried to make them obvious to avoid, but they are some of my favorite parts of the game!

I’ve been looking forward to playing it since you first posted on LemmaSoft, and I wasn’t disappointed.  This game is just so stylish and polished! I’ve only gotten 3 endings so far, but I plan on trying to get them all. 

Of course, the art is amazing, but I really like the witty writing as well! One of my favorite parts so far is the letter Marion gets from his master about ‘growing carrots’. 

Also, I’m glad I’m not alone in wanting a Sylvester route! 

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I’m glad you we’re able to upload a demo of the game despite your setbacks! I really enjoyed reading through it; The setting is right up my alley, and I can already tell Bear will be my favorite. I’m looking forward to reading more of it. The art is also very charming! 

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This type of story is my (not so) guilty pleasure! Once I stared reading, I couldn’t stop; I had to know what was happening. I really got to love each kid in the short amount of time we get with them (side note, Noel is my favorite!).  Trying to figure out their thoughts and feelings through their drawings was a really neat element.

This has been my favorite NaNo game visually so far! I really love the little special effects(?) that happen during Maez’s headaches and the way you have the sprites interacting with the backgrounds. It feels so much more lively than the traditional way sprites are handled in VNs. The story is really intriguing as well, and I can’t wait to see more of it!

I was pretty conflicted about uploading without sound, so I’m glad to hear it’s not keeping you from enjoying it!