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Thank you! A few people have expressed interest in a Fletcher route, which would certainly be interesting.

Thank you! 

Ah, thanks for catching that! I'll be having someone proofread for me before I release part 2, so hopefully there won't be as many typos as there were in part 1.

And thank you! I enjoyed making all the side characters a little too much. Now I wish some of them played a bigger part xD

Aw, thank you!

I thought the same thing! She's too cute to be a side character T-T

Whenever someone tells me Fetch Quest made them laugh, it makes me so happy! I'm glad it was able to brighten your day a bit.

Dan is by far the most popular character. I'd be doing him a great disservice if I didn't make him dateable eventually xD

Little Robin takes no prisoners xD 

Trust me, it only looks organized. You should see my asset folder, it’s a mess . I have literally 5 different files of Wren’s sprite, and I’m still not 100% sure which one is the right one (or why I have so many...?)

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the game (and Jay!)

This game is such a joy to look at. The sprites, background, and even UI are all so pretty! That combined with the story makes a really cozy package. I like the lore that you set up, and I really want to know more about Emory and Rossenward.

All the characters were endearing as well. I thought I'd end up liking Klafka the least, but after reading, I think I'd do her route first!

And come on, Rufus... I know you want to read Siren's Temptation.

Thanks for the input!

There will be a cliffhanger at the end of part 2 of I break it into three... but part 3 wouldn't be too far off!

Thanks for the feedback!

If i broke them up, part 2 would be slightly longer, but parts 1 and 3 would be similar in length. Thanks for the feedback!

I'm not fond of them either, which is why I wanted to get an idea of how others feel about it. Right now I'm still leaning towards finishing the game before releasing, even if i takes a little while longer. Thanks for the input!

I appreciate it! I'm still feeling out what I want to do, but everyone's feedback has been helpful so far.

Then  you’ll be happy to know that the ending CGs I planned on doing are kiss scenes! I wouldn’t deprive readers of that at the very least.

I'm glad you liked Fetch Quest! I'm the same about waiting until a game is done before I play it, so I completely understand. 

Thanks for the feedback!

I have to say, I’m itching to get back to writing these guys. They’re all so fun and adorkable. 

I’m glad you liked the game, and I hope you enjoy RHR as well!

Ah, I'm so flattered you think so!

That seems to be the consensus! Thank you.

That's good to know! Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you so much! It's good to know the story is enjoyable even without CGs. I know not having them can be a big turn off for some people.

Thanks for the feedback! I do plan on adding CGs in afterwards, even if I release the game without them first.

Yes, part 2 concludes the story!

Corbin is clearly my favorite child XD 

Also, if you’re interested in her, I think you’ll like the fantasy elements in RHR part 2... she doesn’t make an appearance, but she’s from the same world!

Yep! It will pick up directly after either Jay or Wren’s good ‘end’. 

I wasn’t able to touch on it much in part 1 because of the time restraint! Hopefully it won’t come too out of left field.

I believe so! I haven’t been able to test it yet, but unless you save on the “to be continued” screen, which will be removed, you should  be able to pick up wherever you left off.

Thanks for playing! I’m excited to share part 2!

I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for playing.

thanks for playing! :)

NaNoRenO has really helped me as a VN dev. I tend to obsess over imperfections and rewrite/redraw over and over unless I have a strict deadline. I might not have put any games at all if it weren't for NaNo.

Thanks so much for playing both this and Red-Handed Robin!

Both guys could definitely learn a thing or two from Robin in the charm department. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

I appreciate it! I prefer protagonists who are their own person as opposed to blank slates who just go with the flow.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you liked Todd!  He isn't very honest about his thoughts and feelings, so I can understand why some players write him off early on.

I still plan to work on the larger game for these guys after my current projects are over later this year.

Thanks so much! I’m glad you like Robin, she’s very fun to write.

I’m happy everyone wants to see more of Dan, haha! Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing! I know jealous love interests can be divisive, but I have such a soft spot for them.

As for the setting- You’re basically right! It’s a fantasy world, but it’s (very) loosely set in the 1910-1920s.