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Okay, so just yesterday, I discovered a 5-year-old game I made when I was 13 at the time, and I decided to do a lot of rework on it, such as toning down the sprite contrast just so it’s more accessible. It’s released, but I appreciate some feedback by the community.

The game in question is Chameleon RUSH.

Also, I should ask some things:

  • I tried fixing an issue where sometimes the fruits can’t be collected at all, and it’s still persisting. I’m still trying to find what’s causing it. Can anyone who uses Scratch look into what’s causing the bug? I can privately message you the dropbox link to download it if you wanted to look into it, but I encourage using Scratch for it, since afaik it’s the only program that can run it outside of HTML. (Video footage below)
  • I’m also considering adding some more hazards as the game progresses. Right now, the only two hazards are the bad fruits and bombs (which causes an auto game over when touched). What do you think I should add?
  • Lastly, does anyone find the stock SFX from Scratch’s sound library a bit annoying? If so, I can replace them, and does anyone also have good stock sound suggestions?

I think that’s all I could ask, but again, I appreciate some feedback on the project, even though you don’t use Scratch.

So, I need some help here.

I was looking forward to trying this program out, but when I downloaded it and tried opening up the installer, I was greeted by this instead:

I went to a website called VirusTotal, which I use to scan viruses in files, and when I uploaded the installer there, it had this as the result:

I’m already worried that running it while having these security vendors could potentially infect my laptop, and it’s not supposed to be malicious, but because it apparently is, I can’t run the installer unless there’s a solution. What do I do now?