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Can I get a new one? Thanks!

Off the charts beautiful

The little details in the events really made the flashback come alive and left a strong impression on me

This game made me realize it's really fun to have a small character that jumps crazy high lol

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The photo angles made the objects so relatable


This is an interesting 45 degree angle +  sprite + 3D camera look. This could be a great starting point for an RPG

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Wow incredibly introspective and well designed! The art direction is on point

A lot of heart, pretty interesting and creative puzzles, really enjoyed it

The most original and creative game I've played in a while, very artistic, beautiful metaphor! I was laughing uncontrollably because how dizzy I got...

I was blown away by the rover model. Also love the atmosphere and lighting and the UI design. Great job!

Great production value and sound design, very immersive.

This was beautiful, love the writing. Fantastic job!

The transition screen and dialogue system is pretty badass

Very cool game

This is fucking beautiful

So is there basically just 2 screens? LoL this is so troll, funny tho

I personally really loved it, my favorite game in recent months, I'd def pay for this once it is a bit more ironed out. The design feels very cohesive, that's real talent. The art style is just, incredible, so much sensibility. The artist's monologue also made a strong personal connection with me. 

For critique, I got lost in the forest (after discovering the the "wall" thing) and circled back to where I started. Also while the long screen transition delay made sense when going between jungle >> city, it started to annoying in the jungle because it's so frequent. Also moving parallel to the screen edge shouldn't make me go to the next screen

Absolutely amazing, very beautiful city. Only 16 mb too

The ending is cute

lol I didn't, but now I just did bc you asked. I attacked during day, built a wall outside the dungeon to have a choke point, then a tunnel of soldiers; had 1 soldier run up to draw aggro, then let the King Skeletal run through the tunnel of soldiers

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Tips on how to play the game (some of them are explained in the manual but I didnt' read it at first)
- The first thing to this game is to get used to the controls: RMB to build, you also need to get used to LMB to deselect
- This is stupidly obvious but took me a while to figure out: the guys with hats are Soldiers, they can't farm, they only fight
- Put soldiers in house to make create babies > new villagers;
- skeletons can spawn anywhere (including lit areas, so always have a few soldiers around. Early game you just need 2 at choke points, later you def need 3 or 4
- resources cap at 50, so you don't need that many trees and rocks and food
-  To get through the first night, I just made 4 fields, 2 house, 1 barrack . After than just keep on making soldiers, you never need more than 3, 4 farmers

- during first night, pan your camera to see where the skeleton king is. You have to do this bc you'll hit the wood cap pretty soon and need to spend wood to build bridge in that direction

The game gets interesting once you take 5~10mins getting used to the controls!

Love it

Got 74 points 

This game is super cool

Can't beat lv 15... not getting exp from replays of previous levels

Holy this game is so frigging fun

Can you give me a hint on solving Chef Don pt 1 ... I created cast iron and don't know what to do next

Very cool concept!

Played through the whole game, was pretty tough at some point. Such a good game!

Very creative concept

Cool little game!