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Posted in Bug report!
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Hiya! Really enjoying this game so far, it's rather addicting :'D

My problem is that I can't seem to change my outfit after finishing Neil's 11th chapter (welp, I reckon that I'd need to change my outfit for the next chapter, since I have to design my own ball gown) and as I've looked into the respective folder, that CLTH_00010.png is missing from it, so it's probably either a missing file or a coding error which originally meant to say CLTH_00011.png ('coz that one exists).

Does any of you guys maybe have an idea on how to fix this (playing the latest Windows Beta version, btw)

Thanks a lot everyone~!

Edit: I managed to fix it by renaming CLTH_00011.png into CLTH_00010.png !:D Leaving this here for everyone who might face the same issue. Have a lovely day everyone!^^

Oh yeay! Thank you so much, both are absolute cuties. *^* Have a great day!!<33

Hello! The game is really great so far! <3 I've got a question tho, who exactly are the romance options? Is Phoenix included, or just the AI's? Thanks for your hard work!<3