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Good lord, so you guys won't even get a refund unless Agashi decides to get back to us?? That's terrifying?? (And concerning what they can do, namely suspending their account...couldn't they just make up a new account under another name? Seems really flaky to me, but I digress-) Do they at least have means to contact the creator?? This is terrible, I really hope that Agashi at least has the decency to issue the refunds..god lord.

In any case, thank you so much for keeping us updated! I hope you guys get your money back asap...:/

@all the Kickstarter backers, have you all tried contacting Kickstarter/has anyone gotten a reply yet? Doesn't seem like Lee will give us an update anytime soon (or at all, for that matter) so you guys might as well get your money back, at least?

I have reached out to her friend, asking for an update on whether they could reach her or not. They haven't been able to reach her. It's been more than 2 weeks, and no one is able to contact her. 

I'm curious, how are the folks at Kickstarter doing? I think that it's time to report the project, solely so that backers can get their money back. Has anyone heard back from KS yet??

Ah, don't worry about it! It was a given since we all were so worried for her haha, so I was glad to do it~ Also thank you @everyone else who helped getting some new information! I just hope that this friend of hers is to be believed and that we hear from her, soon...I wonder if she had contact with her up until recently. If I remember correctly, Lee already did move houses last year, so I'm wondering what happened that she had to switch houses again? Either she had to move twice in two years or her friend isn't up to date...Regardless, I hope everything is okay and that we'll hear from her, soon.

Alright everyone, so I've finally received some news of one of her friends!! They said, (and I'm quoting them here:) 

"I'm sure Ali will be happy to hear people are interested in her work. She just moved to another city & is well...I will forward your message to her..."

so I hope to hear from them soon? I told them to let me know once my message was delivered to her. I'll keep you guys updated, but if the friend is to be believed, she seems okay right now, which is a relief!!

Neither of them were family members! I think one of them was the sprite artist and the other one a regular friend.  However, I also sent messages to her family members and they haven't responded yet...I'll keep all of you updated if I hear anything new, but lord this is rly concerningšŸ˜©

According to everything I've heard so far, she seems to have encountered some family issues and went radio silent shortly after. Her last post online was in December of 2018,  thanking government officials for keeping her updated about the current water situation in her area (which seemed to be bad). I've tried contacting people she worked with, and they haven't heard from her in a while; she didn't reply to their messages, either. I've tried contacting her on every of her social media platforms- no response. I've recently (2 weeks ago or so)tried to get in touch with all of her facebook friends and family (and yes, most of them are still active there) and up until now, only 2 answered, and they, too, didn't hear smt from her in a long while and are currently trying to get in touch with her. I don't think the dev is a scam artist. Something bad must have happened and quite honestly, I'm terrified.

Does anyone have an update? Are the kickstarter people suing/getting their money back already?

is the 3rd route ever going to be released?

Oh my God. I seriously hope nothing happened to her family, that would be devastating. I wish we could contact her somehow and help her..And yes, everyone I contacted told me that they last spoke to her in fall~winter of last year. Oh lord I'm so worried..Thank you so much for asking, though!! But damn, hopefully everything is gonna be alright..

Well I've talked to most people on the staff and they too, haven't heard of her for a while (they're currently trying to get in touch with her but nothing so far), so could you maybe ask the Royal Alchemist team? Thank you!

Thank you for trying, though. If there are any news please let us know<3

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Ok so I've checked and here's the current status of events: 

The last time she's been active on Lemmasoft was November 26th 2018.  Facebook: February 14th 2017. Tumblr: (both personal and official): 11 months ago. The latest she appears to have been online has been December the 6th 2018 on Twitter- she was replying to someone updating the current water quality of the area she presumably lives in (apparently it was inedible or smt and the situation cleared up-here's the thing tho. Her twitter says that her location is in Dallas, Texas. The Kickstarter says Irving, Texas. But the water situation thingy was in Atlanta-Did she forget to update her location, or what..?). 

The last time she updated Kickstarter was 13th August 2018. (& before that, updates tended to come every 2 months)

I just really don't get what's going on. Of course I hope she's safe. But even if she's got a depression or smt similiar grave, she has the responsibility to at least INFORM us about it! Even if the project gets abandoned, at least be responsible enough to give people their money back, or delay the project. People are about to report you to Kickstarter, man. Like, you don't even have to give us an update on your own, you could also let a representative do that if you're not ready yet. Welp I just hope that if you can't continue on with the project, that you could at least let somebody else finish it, since we were all looking forward to it..but that's not what is important right now. Transparency is the most important thing between a creator and their customers. I just hope that you update us asap, or your reputation as a creator will get severly tarnished, which I really hope doesn't happen because you've created such a fantastic game, and we'd all be so incredibly excited to see what else you've got planned...but that future can only be realized by you actually talking to us. You don't have to be afraid or ashamed, no one will attack or harm you, we genuinely are worried about you, and just want to know that you're ok, and if you start being open and honest with us, I'm sure that we can work out a solution. But communication is a two-way street. If there's no way for us to contact you, then we'll have no other choice but to want the money back. I just hope you're doing okay.

Everyone who has worked on the project includes:

Agashi - Project Lead, Creator, and Writer
Nero279 - Sprite Artist
Saitoki1582 - Secondary Sprite Artist
Harliqueen - Graphic Designer
ShojiAmasawa - Logo Designer
Potouto - GUI Artist
Lady_Luck94 - Character Concept Artist
Noyemi K - Composer
Barzini - PR and Marketing
Atomic-Invasion - Promotional Artist
Bonesy - Programmer 

I'm looking into how to contact them all, but it'd all go faster if you'd help me, please!

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Dear Agashi, 

even if the game is cancelled, at least TELL US. Then at least the money can be given back to the backers. I just genuinely hope that nothing happened. And if you can't update, at least let someone else speak on your behalf, i.e. your husband or a friend. This is just so frustrating. The game should have been out A YEAR AGO.  But that's not even the main issue. Delays are bound to happen.  But people have given you their money. You have a RESPONSIBILTY to work and deliver, or at the very least KEEP UP COMMUNICATION between yourself and your customers, and make the delays known. You have to always have at least one way of communication open!! If kickstarter doesn't work, post updates here or on tumblr or wherever, just UPDATE. 

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Hiya! Really enjoying this game so far, it's rather addicting :'D

My problem is that I can't seem to change my outfit after finishing Neil's 11th chapter (welp, I reckon that I'd need to change my outfit for the next chapter, since I have to design my own ball gown) and as I've looked into the respective folder, that CLTH_00010.png is missing from it, so it's probably either a missing file or a coding error which originally meant to say CLTH_00011.png ('coz that one exists).

Does any of you guys maybe have an idea on how to fix this (playing the latest Windows Beta version, btw)

Thanks a lot everyone~!

Edit: I managed to fix it by renaming CLTH_00011.png into CLTH_00010.png !:D Leaving this here for everyone who might face the same issue. Have a lovely day everyone!^^

Oh yeay! Thank you so much, both are absolute cuties. *^* Have a great day!!<33

Hello! The game is really great so far! <3 I've got a question tho, who exactly are the romance options? Is Phoenix included, or just the AI's? Thanks for your hard work!<3