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i'm really glad it was meaningful to you. ocd is a really weird set of experiences that few people understand, so it really feels good when someone gets it. i'm glad to hear you're doing better, i am too. it's very treatable if you know where to look. thank you for playing!! :)

that's great to hear. good luck my friend :)

unlocked all the animals and farm plots, super cute and fun!! can't wait for the full game!

so listen, i have add which makes games like this pretty hard for me, but i also have ocd which makes me want to fix shit. and this game makes me feel like if i work hard enough i can fix everything. it's really addicting and fun, awesome job.

thanks, friend! i've definitely been getting better lately; my partner is very understanding, even if she doesn't know exactly what i'm going through. having a strong support network is something i'm endlessly grateful for, since i didn't always have it. i hope you have good people surrounding you, because you can get better.

not to discourse too hard but i feel like the asexuals who actually attack other people's identities are a tiny minority and most of us are just happy for some positive representation because of all the erasure we experience, just wanted to add my two cents because that part of the game was kind of hurtful/off putting to me

hello this game brought me a profound inner peace, i love cats, i love bitsy, i love your games and i love you, thank you and have a wonderful day

not sure how i got here but nice music and art, 10/10 lesbian content

me too! for a lot of things, life most of all

oh, thanks! i really identify with interactive fiction as a writer i guess

same with me

ugh this is GORGEOUS

thanks! 👉😎👉

this is SOOOO CUTE i can't wait for it!

fingers crossed that i keep winning

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thanks  friend ☺

ahhh thank you!!

this is unbelievably fun

the title caught my eye because i hate christmas for this very reason but now i'm just kind of creeped out. i assume the shadow figures are family members and the person in the middle changes their hair color so the family won't harass them about it? not sure about the stomach vortex though