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I loved the concept of the game! The irony of wanting to stay the only human, but eventually you succumb to power and slowly join the machine. You end up being a hypocrite to yourself, and i was always curious what the next upgrade is.

As far as gameplay goes, i think the space given is a bit too small but at the start it was hard, though, when i got an upgrade everything became much easier and easier so maybe the more upgrades you get the more space but also monsters you see. 

Good job on the game though!

I am happy to hear that you're continouing the development of the game!
Yeah i am pretty excited to see the survival mode :D, all the blood effects would make it look really cool.

Also are you planning on a LAN mode any time soon? I would love to play with my friends sometimes Maybe even a 2v2 where you have 2 planes of duels (As in, it would be the same way as it is now, but 2 different depths on the screen). I know it's a bit hard to implement, especially i have no idea how it would be done in GameMaker (since i use Unity myself, previously used GameMaker a bit)

Hey, the game is very good so far, i was initally impressed how satisfying to win the round is, the animations and blood particles are so good. I especially love how it has the anime/realisim  mixture to it. I am personally a fan of high skill games with blades and the such and this game really suits me.

Thus, i have some suggestions for you, some of which may be have been already mentioned.

It's kind of hard to tell if the attack was parried or not so it would be nice to see some sparks of something to indicate a parry.

Sometimes it's also hard to tell which stance you are in since i would be looking at my opponnent, so maybe some simple sprite in a corner somewhere could show that? (like a man standing with high/mid/low stance).

As for the wakisashi, you could do 2 hit kill instead of one, though then balancing would be hard ;/

Also an empty level with a peacefull dummy so that you could test the range/speed/ etc of the weapons.

For something to keep people playing you could do infinite waves (Just continuously  spawn enemies) that would be even more satisfying (with all the blood accumulating ).

But hey, keep up the good work, i see a lot of potential with this game that you could turn into something bigger.

xD i like how some people don't know how to unzip files xd.

Just don't forget that each feature takes time to make, especially online server which might take other external resources.


I just want to ask you if you would like me to find bugs, glitches and possible ideas/improvements for the game, I could do it for either version of the game (normal/deluxe(though i don't have it so it's up to you)).

You see i am a developer myself, so if we could share ideas and feedback with eachother i think it would be mutualy beneficial for us. This is all your choice and i am not forcing you, so if you have a discord account you could add me (CodeKoto#7683) for easier communication.

Great game btw, ;)