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Glad you love it !!<3 And thank you for making them Nami :)

That's exactly what Syrup was thinking right now. :)

Thank you so much!  

Normally I wouldn't play a BxB visual novel, but since I'd played all your other games, I have played it and I loved it. 

I don't know how you do it, but I always love each character for their different personalities. I like how you include references from your other games and to have a certain connection between them. 

I've made a fanart of Pastille and Periwinkle (they're really adorable together :) ) + Syrup :

I've already played the game and found it very adorable. 

Thanks for making it Nami!

Wow I still can't believe it this game is on consoles, the pity is that I don't have any of them. (I had already played it yet this news is amazing).

Congrats Nami!

Really emotional,  the feels were so real! (I'm  on tears)

Thanks for doing these games! I'm excited for seen part 7!

That's so adorable! I'm so glad that you made this game :)

I'll wait for the expansion!

I really love this game! Especially that part when appears  Dango seen that could be friends with Chai was perfect and I didn't expect that. I have some questions with some characters relationship, for example Salt and Pepper and especially Annie and May (friends). I done a fanart of Moxie because I find her so funny: