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First of all, thank you very much for all your feedback, really appreciate it!

There are certain things you fail to notice after you spend months replaying your games over and over, so it's nice to hear opinions from actual players.

You make a really good point about the hitbox, the shard collect FX make it hard in some instances to see your hitbox. I'll find a way to make it stand out more, and probably tone the collect FX down a bit. I wouldn't remove it completely for now as I quite like it, but I'll keep it as an option in case it's still confusing after these changes.

Regarding the Ship design, I added the circle around the player to make sure you always know where you are. From my past experience during demos at conventions, players tended to lose track of their ship and got frustrated, so I think that works well. There's no added functionality though, and I can confirm there's no Grazing mechanic in the game. And yeah, I guess the trail could be a bit smaller, I'll look into it!

Thanks for sharing your game, I'll check it out and let you know what I think! 

I should be able to upload a new build soon with some improvements and some preparatory work for Steam, I'll start looking into those changes too.


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1.0.5 (Coming soon)

- Input improvements and more controllers supported

- Improved Controller mapper

- Performance and compatibility improvements

- Screen refresh rate options added

- Retina screen Mac improvements

- Cloud saves (Steam only)

- Graphics and UI improvements


- Bosses difficulty balancing

- Level design balancing

- Improved third-party controllers support

- Improved Retina Screens support on Mac

- Fixed bug where the level background would disappear on certain instances

- Performance improvements


- Added French and German language support

- Increased gamepad models support

- Tweaked and increased laser power 

- Changed Player 2 name to avoid confusion

- Fixed resolution issue on Linux


- Added Portuguese (Portugal) language support

- Improved text readability, new font

- Performance improvements

- Improved Enemy Theta movement pattern

- Minor bug fixes


- Bug fixes and performance improvements

- Fixed issue with reporting score when playing the full game

[DEMO] - No longer unlock levels in full version when playing the demo


- Full version Release


[DEMO] - Performance improvements

[DEMO] - Added tutorial screen

[DEMO] - Balancing

[DEMO] - Major TATE mode layout improvements

[DEMO] - Added Spanish language and improved other translations


[DEMO] - New app icon!

[DEMO] - Improved contrast with background

[DEMO] - Performance improvements

[DEMO] - Significant build size reduction

[DEMO] - Difficulty balancing

[DEMO] - Nintendo Switch Joy-con and Pro controller support added


[DEMO] - Improved UI input handling

[DEMO] - Improved readability on cutscene text

[DEMO] - Minor bug fixes and performance improvements


[DEMO] - Initial Demo release