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Can't start the game on Windows. When I try to I get:

"There should be 'Hexopus'DateNight_Data' folder next to the executable"

Really brilliant game. Enjoyed it very much, and was surprised how much content was in it for something done for a game jam.

Sadly, the size of it can also be concidered an issue as there's a very large emphasis on non-linear exploration, trying to find a goal that is never truly defined. For all its greatness, I doubt many people will finish it simply because they will repeat many of the same things over and over again until they get bored and call it quits.

This game will surely be expanded on in the future, and have a more tangable overarching goal, and that is the game that I look forward to playing the most! Best of luck guys, great work.

Really great game! It has a wonderful sense of style, small scope, and easy to pick up mechanics. Excellent work, I look forward to seeing more from you.

Glad you liked it! I've been taking a break over the holidays, and am looking into expanding the team on this. I plan on getting back to work on it next month. Keep an eye out for updates on my Twitter and/or Twitch!