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in general, people don't use AGD's sound effects code because it seems to be buggy. It's not a perfect system.  AGDX is mainly an improved editor, but if I find a way to fix a bug without causing incompatibility I try to do it. Good luck with your game!

yes, it's in the notes. There wasn't enough room for sounds when I added the new memory options. However, you can edit sounds in an earlier version, and then import them as binary, the address for each sound is provided. Most people don't use sounds as they can be buggy.  Or you can use version 4H if you prefer.

In order to maintain compatibility with earlier versions of AGD, the memory has to be managed very carefully and the amount of space available for additions is quite small - unfortunately at this point the memory is almost completely full so there is very little space for adding  on screen help - there is however a manual available in both English and Spanish, and it's quite easy to have AGD open in an emulator window with a screen showing commands next to it.

great, that sounds like just what I need!

Hi there

I started selling my first game recently, but it's also possible to buy it in physical format. What I'd like to do is give those who buy a physical copy free access to the download here, so they can qualify for updates. Is that possible?


De nada - habrá otro juego gratis para ti pronto. :)

Thanks! more free stuff will be available for you soon!

Thanks! More games to come!

Thanks! I surely will :)