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Thanks for your input. Fortunately some people think it is still worth paying the small price for, even if you are not one of them.

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it doesn't take long before the ghost is faster than you, at least when eating the pills. I decided to make the first couple of levels very easy so that even kids could get the idea and a feel for the game.

The intention was never to be a clone of Paku Paku, since it already exists and would be too easy to copy. Instead I used it as an inspiration as to what I would do with the premise, and as an exercise in game design and balance. I had half a dozen people playing it whilst I was coding it and you'd be surprised at the variation in how easy or difficult people found it.

as with another of my games, Lunar Rescue, I may well add the option to have a regular or hardcore mode.

Yes, you could be right, perhaps one life with the chance to get another at 10,000

I think so. Did you encounter an issue?

please try the new version, thanks!

please try the new version, thanks!

Yes, I've been in touch with Pere and they are working to find the issue which seems to crop up only on real hardware. 

updated game added, please try and let me know if the issue persists.

updated game added, please try and let me know if the issue persists.

updated game added, please try and let me know if the issue persists.

Thanks for the video, and for being patient - I've passed this on to Pere and hopefully we'll fix it soon!

thanks, I've passed this on to the guy who converted the game to see if we can fix it.

Hi there - Pere, who did the conversion, said this:

 using XRoar, after loading the .DSK disk and entering the command

I can play without issues as many times as I have tried this version ... I have tested with 128K and also with 512K expansion
both in PAL and NTSC video outputs
Maybe he could tell us more about the problem ?
I mean, is he using an MPI while playing? or maybe other peripherals?

I'll look into this and let you know

nice work - what's with the Beatles songs? Quite a few lesser known ones in there so I guess you must be a fellow fan :)

Hi there - thanks for the kind words. I did set up a discord server for my patreon supporters, but it's not very active currently. I also have a facebook group -  if that helps? also I am coding live on twitch, if you're interested. Best wishes, Allan

yes, already updated

I have a video that might help

I have updated the game to work on 48k yes, I'll upload it soon.

thanks! much appreciated.

to play on the PC you will need to download and run a ZX Spectrum emulator. Once you have one, you should be able to use it to simply open the TAP file provided.

I believe it was sent out to everyone who donated when downloading the main version, and to my patreon supporters. If you are a supporter then drop me a line.

you're welcome!

thanks, I was still learning my trade when I did this mod so I might just take a look at doing that.

unfortunately I'm not well versed in 6502, but it would make a nice NES game for sure. I might do something for the Spectrum Next


thanks! That was my aim when I started.

I've notified Chris, I guess he will know who you are? I've sent him a copy anyway.

I'm just working a few bonus features, so if you can wait until after the weekend I will send an updated copy to Chris.

I already sent it to Chris actually

do you mean how long does it take to complete? it's an arcade game so it's pretty much on an endless loop.

yes, updated, apologies

will do!

best I can suggest is this video:

this is an older version which I will be updating soon. It runs on a Spectrum emulator so if you want to run it on a Mac, you can do so using emulation.

sorry, been working on other things but will be coming back to it!

hi, yes, I will check the recent donators and send it out.

ok, I checked it. At the start of the level, move to the left and hide at the edge. The train will approach and turn away. Now follow the train until you reach the middle of the screen. When the train comes back, jump up, without moving forward - just a straight jump up. If you time it correctly, the train will go under you and you will not be hit. Now go and collect the item. Wait here for the train to return, it will not hit you in the far corner. Follow the train again and use the same trick, jump straight up and not forward, and you will get past it.

We used testers for every level, and the game has been completed by others. It's been a while but I had a look for you - when the level starts, I believe it's possible to stand at the left side in an precise position and not be hit by the train which will turn around and you can follow it, and then jump over it to collect the item.