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I mean WHAT? Why did you really thought this game would perfectly work with dualshocks or switch joycons? Most of modern games don't suppport anything except the xbox one & 360 controllers.

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The game was designed for xbox 360/xb one controllers, 'cause they're actually a totally official controllers for all modern pc games. Sometimes game developers adds DS4 controller support too, but not so offently.
It seems like the game won't support Dual Shock 4 so good as x360/xbone controller. That's so much for most pc games. In the game's launcher there's manual controls mapping. Have you tried to remap properly?
About camera spinning. I guess, one of the axis for camera movement is mapped like (AXIS Z- "left analog  stick - left") and the ps4 left trigger is (axiz z- = trigger at default possition, axiz z+ =trigger pressing). That's why the game thinks you pressing analog, when you actually didn't do anything.

P.S. Butterflies' confirm button is 'A' on Xbox controller by default.

The game looks beautiful, but the music is awful.

Join the butterflies official discord. All the devs are in

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Confirmed. All working. No bugs detected

There were mac,linux & android versions of Butterflies: Episode 0. I'm not Le Capitaine, don't know anything about programming at all, but I guess that porting the game to mac is only matter of time.

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Tutorial's dashing info do not represent actual controls. Plus, you need to add info about how to skip tracks and volume options.
-after switching character mouse cursor pops up on the center of screen.

Menus navigation by keyboard.

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Please add:
1) "126 spots" in challenge mode.
2) Offline leaderboards.
3) Bring back race mode from pilot episode. I know the balance is broken, it's just fun to play and extends game's overall playtime.

Since the spring 2017 I wondered is there'll be your own version of DJ Professor K, but then decided that thats not gonna happen while one person doing all the job. But few weeks ago when ep1 arrived, I look at these surprisingly good cutscenes. They'are definitely better than JSR/JSRF ones, except dancing animations. Face expressions, camera angles - I enjoyed them so much. Excluding the voice acting, I can't even imagine how awesome it can be in your own interpretation. So there's a stupid question, have you ever planned to do something like DJ K narattor in the future?

Yes I do. Don't know how to share discord id properly, here it is. Let me know if it's not working.

I'm not Le Capitine, he's the Butterflies' mastermind, doing all thing on his own. I'm always wanted to hear more different composers in the game. In my opinion, in butterflies there's no such a thing as "too much music". I didn't heard all of your soundcloud works in a such short time. You're fan of mashups and yt poops as I, and as I can see you're pretty skilled,  I even envy in some way.  But I think, first you need to is to show or tell your ideas what you imagine your ost will be(as I did same thing back in spring 2017). 

So hyped to see capitaine's answer, can't wait for it.

0:16:37 first I start a mission and sprayed some cameras. When my health bar went low, I decided to replay it next time. 
0:18:16 you can't respray already defeated cameras. The one and only fix is to restart level.

0:36:45 KS can't walk properly in this area, invisible barriers 

Everytime I want to change the character in adventure mode, I go to the main menu -> then back to the game. I spawning near the "observatory's" door and switch the character. Why not to make character switching by ingame menu. You just choosing the character and spawns at the beginning of the level.

Intro and Ending cutscenes music bug. If you push "back(right alt)(music skip button)" you can listen 2 tracks at the same time.

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1)Mission ranking system(not suitable for all missions), total ripoff from tony hawk's project 8
Comlete the mission in 38 seconds, you get rank c; 35 sec - rank b; 32 sec - rank a, 30 sec - rank S. Also there are some missions you can do without touching a ground but not necessairly. For those types of missions if you touch a ground, you just get lower rating (non S).
2)Ingame achievements.

-Complete 10 missions within rank S

-spray all 126 spots

-spray all cameras

- ride on the vehicle from the mountain

-ride X coloured pipe in the underground/ride all the pipes in the underground

-get to the butterflies's observatory hideout (that's definitely a achievement)

-ride Eifel's tower from the top to the ground

-complete adventure mode 100%

-complete adventure mode 100% under 45 minutes(for example)

-complete challenge mode X spots in X minutes

-complete challenge mode X spots without getting hit by cameras/keisatsu

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You can no longer select zinnie and jae in adventure mode. Is that a bug or it's desined that way?

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I don't know if this a bug or you just cut out the "thinking hat" from the game? And what about  -無- -MU- and Stark Raving Raving? Are they abandoned, still in development or we're gonna get it later in ep2? 

Can't skip this message on keyboard/mouse.
Intro and ending cutscenes plays music even if you turn the volume off in the main menu.

...and skip music on d-pad. Left-Right - track select, up-down - change volume.

There's one major minus in this games' subgenre, you need much more time to master the game controls. After the both Jet Set Radio and Future, this game has a little bit more deep mechanics (in some way), especially speed and jumping. I played alpha a lot, the first walkthrough of adventure mode takes more that 3,5 hours, the second one take less than 1 and half hour. Can't see how you'll try to complete the hardest challenges for the first time. 

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The idea of phone is both Zineth and gta 4 inspired. There was a journalists rumor about the cut feature in pre-release version. You can listen radio on your foot.

What we can expect from the final versions of both ep1 and ep2(except bug fixes)?

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Once again I forgot about the obvious bug. You can't navigate missions on keyboard/mouse. I mean scrolling the missions list

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-Not 1 but more different types of keisatsu. With different skins and characteristics(similiar to "pac-man"'s ghosts). Like the fastest KS trying to skate on rollerblades very badly(like a joke), knocks you of the ground, causes less damage. Another example, the fatter one(wears heavy armor and the most dangerous), walks very slowly and causes more damage, one hit with his electric stick - zinnie is dead!
-flying enemy drones. More anoying than turrets, but causes far less damage. You can defeat 'em with air tricks.
-Animals. Cats, dogs, pigeons, crows.
-flying planes/helicopters on background.
-pedestrians are standing on the same spot. So lame! Why not to make them go somewhere.
-the warehouse location has no soul in it. No hobos, no rats, no big lizards?
-the game needs secrets/easter eggs, like secret enterable room, alternate outfits(skins, glasses, hats)
-no antenas/conditioners on building roofs?
-text plot about the gameworld, characters needs backstories.
-in Tony Hawk's Underground 1-2 (and other next games in TH series), there was some skating npc's, scripted of course. While you playing as NAT, Jae and Zinnie skating around. Jae - Nat and Zinnie. Zinnie - Nat and Jae.
-Ability to spit on people, especially KS.
-No children pedestrians? That's definitely not a GTA! 
-Implementation of a Cellphone with abilities of entering the First Person Look Mode(you can only stand and look around like in jsrf, not skate), taking selfies and switching music tracks, make playlists. When you using phone the game pauses/goes slow-mo. Basically you can redo the pause menu into cellphone interface.
-New fresh idea based on previous. At this moment the actual game has something like 10 tracks. Let the most music will be locked at the beginning. After the jay/nat joins your crew, you getting new unlockable music + few tracks after completing most tough challenges. Each character has own default playlist,you can switch their playlists with your own custom created playlists. For example, zinnie & jae don't have "power of funk" song in their default playlists, only Nat have it, but you can add it in your own custom created one.
-custom graffity import with easy to use "just place a bunch of png's" in game's special folder.
-ability to switch graffity artwork you want to draw(via cellphone)
-ability to redraw existing graffity from scratch.
-expand limit of each graffity types artworks. From 3 to 10.
-import custom music "like in gta 5"

-french and russian localizations! I can do all russian translation + logo. You just need to:

1)import and test size of new different Cyrillic font, 'cause commodore 64 font don't support Cyrillic letters i guess. 

2)Complain some slang speech moments

3) Is the butterflies' logo design meaning something and you can't touch it or it's just looking cool? Send me in it's original quality.

-while nanashi & anne accessible in free ep0, why not to make 'em playable in ep1 via cheat?

-Make all the hud switchable on/off. I wanted to make kickass trailer/gmv montage long time ago.

-is there any barriers in releasing the game on steam in near future, except 100$ fee for steam direct? If I'll donate this amount of money to you, can steam still choke on your arse too? Just imagining how you can implement episodes on one steam page.

(Episode 0 - free) main game

(Episode 1 - paid dlc) 

(Episode 2 - paid dlc)

(Le capitaine' s ep 1 ost - paid dlc)

(Highraiser's ep 1 ost - paid dlc)

(Le capitaine' s ep 2 ost - paid dlc)

(Highraiser's ep 2 ost - paid dlc)

(additional skins - paid dlc)

I've completed the game 2 two times.

Oh man, I forgot this one. As you can see on the video, I can't find the last graffity spot. Maybe it's so hardly hidden and I just can't find it? If not, so that's a definitely the bug!

Looks like the camera now is broken. It badly follows the player.

I don't know is this a bugs:

-Music player is playing music not so random. Some tracks playing too oftenly(meaveena for example).

-The car boss is too easy to beat, can't damage you at all.

-first time you die after starting a new game, after you hit "retry" button, the game starts from the beginning, not from the last time you saved. In order to make game save working, you need to go to the main menu, then load the campaign.

Is this a technical limitation, or you just need coding assist?

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-new types(modes) of challenges

-more hardcore challenges

-unlockable graffity souls/songs or something else

-draw a bigger size graffitys

-the name of the game needs to change. I searched the game on both google play and itch io, there are too many games about butterflies it' not so easy to find.

One more thing I forgot to ask. Is there any oportunity to do camera controls on keyboard?

-Just today I realised that you can't skip cutscenes on keyboard. 

-Is it just me, I guess right analog deadzones' settings are too sensitive. Game camera slowly goes to the left itself whyle the stick in center. Of course my xbox 360 is 5 years old, maybe the analog sticks began to work less accurately. I tested several different games and none of them have the same issue unlike butterflies.

-I prefer to play this game on keyboard(it's more comfortable to repeatedly hit acceleration button on keyboard than controller's trigger), everytime when I need to turn the camera, I need to switch back to gamepad. Mouse camera is too slow, uncomfortable and almost unplayable.

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Still I can't find the last spot. I'll try to begin a new savefile later.

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1) Is it just me, but i can't find and clear the last graffity spot. Is it a game bug? I can proove it with my save file, but don't know the location.
2) Every time you die, the game continues from the last save. And you can save in any moment from the missions menu. What the point in this annoying manual saving?  Why not to do an automatic saving, everybody gonna save everytime  after every mission. Or it's just a reference to early 6gen console games, when there was no automatic saving?

2:17:31 -  I guess the game have froze when I stepped on trigger but not sure yet.

18:07 - insane grind bug, everytime I'm grinding in this place. Never happened before in betas & pilot episode.
23:55 - KS are going crazy. Happens most of the time you moving outside->underground->back to the town.

Here's another one walk-through-the-wall moment. I think it happens every time while you get close to the wall and use "spinning" ground trick