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Nothing personal, kid

tough, but pulled through. great stuff as always

(didnt feel like an a+ i gotta say)


But for real this game is pretty cool, just very easy once you know how it works.

Hmm can't seem to get the second stage's rhythm right

Thanks, pretty sure I tried that before, but this time it worked. Your stuff is great fun!

338.44 seconds

13 deaths

Can't move on from the ''Powered by'' animation

Definitely enjoyed the game. At first it seems difficult, but health and lives are cheap, so I beat it on my first try. The weird thing was that the last boss exploded for like a minute, after I beat him. That must've been a bug, right?

The download doesn't work for some reason

I may be stupid, but I don't see those VR missions

Dude, this was a crazy journey and although the bosses drew me a little crazy, you did an amazing job with this!

Amazing!! This is a must-play for indie game enthusiasts and it has great vibes. But how do you unlock the Extras? I've already beaten the game in Hard Mode and gotten two different endings

Pretty awesome, but I lack the motivation to persevere

The game bugged out, when the princess wanted to kill the dog. Otherwise I liked it. Jammy FT

I got stuck on the staircase in the house and that was that

Wow, now there isnt anything left of what I thought was worth critcising

Pretty dang cool. Was this by any chance inspired by the game Orc and Elves?

Bruh the final level took me hours but I beat it. This game is awesome and easily worth money

this is good. i like it

I know nothing about Touhou, but this game is outstanding!

I like the concept and the game is pretty fun, but it desperately needs the option to restart the current level, since you can screw yourself over so easily

I don't understand the rules :(

The game seems kinda bugged, it wouldn't let me logout after the first day for some reason, then the game suddenly quit itself and when i restarted it was the first day again and the convo with Sam had reset, but everything else (like the reminder for the movie) was saved, so I dunno what's going on.

Nice one

Gutwhale community · Created a new topic Small bug report

Though it is pretty short, I had a grand ol' time with this game. But even after getting all the achievements I almost didn't find the beautiful ending, so you might want to add an arrow in that room? I dunno.

Anyway this isn't that big of a deal, but in Nightmare Mode there's a small bug where, after you die, you sometimes can't respawn for some reason. Instead you can see more of the player character's skeletons falling from the ceiling and there's no other option beside pressing Escape. But yeah, pretty awesome game!

Overall I enjoyed it, but it really does lack polish. On the page it says that melee has been reworked, but it's still pretty useless. The level and enemy designs are cool, but it's hard to appreciate the former with the default colour scheme, because soo much of the screen has the same colour that you sometimes can't even see bridges you need to walk across. Often the player finds themself in a huge room with ranged enemies attacking you from god-knows-where. Thats why I had to turn the filters off to see important stuff. Moreover it would be nice to be able to hear enemies coming before they get you. As it stands, there's also no incentive to actually explore the levels because you lose all of your collected ammo anyway. So yeah, I'm conflicted when it comes to this game, but the music, story, dlc, and bosses were all pretty good.

Thanks, turning v-synch off did the trick and I was able to finish the game. Awesome stuff!

Hey, so I've been having this weird issue, where the movements of the main character are way faster than what seems reasonable, making the platforming nearly impossible (especially the slippery parts). While this could just be my imagination, I don't think so, because it does look slower in youtube videos. So is this a known problem or am I just bad and dumb?

Looks very atmospheric and like something I would enjoy. Can I get a download, please? ( )

This just oozes creativity and style. So much accomplished in so little time. Wonderful!

Played through it many times

The first few times I tried playing zombie mode, no enemies spawned in, but then it worked

In my opinion the third option would be most interesting, one continuous adventure with evolving environments rather than just going into different levels

Cute and interesting, I like it. But I reached the end and failed and don't want to do it all over again

It works fine now, enjoyed it.